VEX Robotics Competition Tipping Point : 2021 - 2022 Game -

VEX Robotics Competition Tipping Point : 2021 – 2022 Game

VEX Robotics
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Introducing the 2020-2021 VEX Robotics Competition… Tipping Point!

The Game Manual can be found here:

Note: As of August 31, per the Version 2.0 manual update, the Autonomous Bonus is now worth 6 points.

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  1. in the zone style robots maybe? change cone stacking to a hook or scoopy thing, and maybe some focus on a lighter robot to more easily balance on the seesaw

  2. nice!

    Edit:Do you know specific date for iq coming out?

  3. This is so much more complicated than last year.

  4. the name is very unoriginal, but thank you for making a more complicated game this time

  5. they really need to work on the music what am i hearing.

  6. so how many points would having one robot and one mobile goal on the balance

  7. I want to grab all the bins and just run onto the platform with them and stay there

  8. I’m actually disappointed the balance bridges aren’t the auto bonus point condition like it was in FTC back in 2011 Get Over It autonomous balancing was a fun challenge

  9. When a 4 motor drive alone can score around 60 points…

  10. anyone else love how scuffed the example bots are lmao

  11. Last competition I built my first robot off scematic

  12. This year I will hopefully win in the state of Mississippi

  13. I can tell a lot of people are going to make wheels out of the rings as a joke

  14. V5 is really overpriced than IQ, I would have gotten the V5 first then IQ.

  15. I love this and have a rly good idea of what to make, but my school stopped supporting vex this year, so, can’t participate. I can still build with the things at home, just can’t go to league nights and tournaments with a full team

  16. I just made the team in my school… what should I expect

  17. Best of luck to my fellow Montanans, all but one from the same school. Go Wolfpack!

  18. hey does anyone know the height of the upper branch

  19. can someone tell me the height of the middle goal? don't have a manual…

  20. first year and im very scared to do this but oh well :___:

  21. This seems super fun! The robot designs are gonna be so creative

  22. Man this video was so helpful!!!! My kid is in robotics and he is very exited for this years competition. Let’s go tigers!!!

  23. Hm I thought it was set up a different way

  24. Bruh my competition is tommorrow and I don't even know if my team finished putting the arms on (I wasnt there today)

  25. im the driver for my teams robot, and it cant even put rings on the goals. It barely can lift a mobile goal. I dont know if this is good.

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