VEX Robotics Competition: Spin Up | 2022 - 2023 Game -

VEX Robotics Competition: Spin Up | 2022 – 2023 Game

VEX Robotics
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VEX Robotics Competition: Spin Up official game overview.

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  1. I am excited yet terrified about this year

  2. This looks hard, but I think we can do this

  3. Time to make a bot that played frisbee golf

  4. Is the area under the goals a no go zone? Can the disc be dropped in the goal or do they need to be thrown?

  5. Can you send me the cad of the robot? Im intristed in the specifics of the robot.

  6. i feel this game is going to be heavily reliant on robot performance more than driver skill unlike tipping point where its opposite

  7. bruhmt if vex game in ftc and ftc game in vex would be so good

  8. It seems so much fun! I'm excited to see the manual and what people would do in the last 10 secinds.

  9. My Question is if you can drive up to the frisbee holder and drop them in or if you have to shoot from afar

  10. The low goal going to the opponents seems interesting and wallbots are basically meta again. Hope to see a great season!

  11. Holy smokes this game looks really fun, I'm really at a loss at what the majority of bots will look like. Good luck folks, this'll be one hell of a show.

  12. I am excited for this years mode! Struggled in tipping point, hope I do better here heh. Looks very fun.

  13. Tile contact scoring is going to make for some incredibly cursed designs

  14. I'm missing the "Greatest 2 minutes in Robotics"

  15. I don't like this game because it's kind of hard. I wish they would just keep the old games so we could make our robots the same ones.

  16. So the greatest two minutes in robotics is still TiP?

  17. I never compete in the VRC, the first time I join, Every team is full in my hometown of Zanesville, Ohio
    I play VIQC games but last year I didn't get my very first VRC kit from my parents on my 18th birthday last year.

  18. Very cool game! I am excited for this season!

  19. Robot frisbee golf! Though I graduated after tower takeover, that’s sick!

  20. When they say there's no expansion limit does that mean that we can expand in multiple ways using a trigger system or does the bot have to retract it on its own after to count?


  22. Game designers need to keep in mind set up and tear down of fields by volunteers.

  23. Vex is cringe I stand by that… unless you feel like paying for my college

  24. I’m so glad my last high school season has such a nice game!!! Good luck to everyone in this amazing community of robotics!!!!!

  25. I already have started prototyping and this seems like it’ll be a blast

  26. Friendship ended with FIRST, now VEX is my best friend.

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