VEX Robotics Competition Change Up: 2020 - 2021 Game -

VEX Robotics Competition Change Up: 2020 – 2021 Game

VEX Robotics
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Introducing the 2020-2021 VEX Robotics Competition, Change Up!

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  1. Everyone : Actually designing robots

    Me : WALLBOT??

  2. No water….

    No mercy, we will rise against society using our best built bots and take over vex. They WILL give us water

  3. Us: you can't recycle an old vex game
    Vex: Observe (0)-(0)

  4. It's going to be useful if the Robot pickups small trash along the Streets.

  5. everyone is going to have the same robot like last year

  6. This will be my 2nd year doing VEX, so IDK if this is just me, but…
    this seems kinda lame.

  7. If they put as much effort into the thoughts on the game as they do their opening animation, we might actually get something worthwhile.

  8. Any game with legal de-scoring is a game for me

  9. The game looks suuuuuper interesting. Even tough live scoring will be quite hard.

  10. Bruh I already took apart last years not 😔

  11. I call it: 3D Connect 4 Tic Tac Toe (with drawbacks)

  12. At least y’all get a new game 😳 it appears infinite recharge really is infinite…

  13. when it says that we get 6 extra points for every row can the rows be diagonal?

  14. An interesting challenge, I love to see what new gimmick they come up with each year. Extra win points seem like a big bonus, and I'm glad to see descoring play a bigger role.

  15. So…. technically just tic tac toe with robots???

  16. Now I know where the Vex race from destiny2 has their name from ..maybe the CEO of this company is also a CyBorg like Zuckerberg 😄

  17. 9964S Bender - Stone Bridge High School says:

    Are we still having a season? What do you guys think?

  18. what happens if you get the ball out of the field
    just remove all he opponents balls

  19. i just joined robotics this year but isn’t this the same as last year but with balls instead of blocks

  20. Time for robo-dogs of Grandville to win state again! Let’s get it done GHS.

  21. I am competing with a very advanced version of the Goliath intake

  22. I bet I'm not going to competition since I am a second Builder my team never let second builders go to competitions I learned that from last season

  23. Thank you for the video. I am trying very hard to decipher how score points are tallied up, especially at the end of the Autonomous period. Since there are many balls loaded in the goals for initial setup, do teams get score points for all balls of their color in goals, regardless if they were actually placed in them? Is this true in both the autonomous period and the driver control period?

  24. This isn’t even my year group but imma still watch cause why not

  25. I did the last challenge "squared away" last year, it was so much fun! too bad my school is only doing clubs that can be virtual this year, and my club was not one of them

  26. Everyone talks about Toss Up, but no one is talking about how this is also similar to FTC's Ultimate Goal.

  27. My school is hosting 2 completions. We have only 1 Team….. we gonna have to set this up twice 😭

  28. Can you explain how to descore in a few sentences like i dont understand it?

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