VEX Robotics Competition | 2022 - 2023 Game Teaser -

VEX Robotics Competition | 2022 – 2023 Game Teaser

VEX Robotics
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VEX Robotics:

The VEX Robotics World Championship is two weeks away.
Two weeks from unforgettable moments, incredible teamwork, heart racing matches, and the unveiling of the new 2022-2023 VRC game.

In the spirit of HYPE for this extraordinary event we present you with a very special gift.

See you soon.

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  1. Def a shooter game. I really wanna see a hang tho.

  2. The new game object is going to flower shaped

  3. Is this the long awaited water game?

  4. hmmmm the name sounds interesting can’t wait to see the full game

  5. The game aside (which I'm uber excited for! I love the idea of a teaser like this), the editing is F A N T A S T I C ! The music, the lights, the beat drops, the atmosphere of it all, I love every single second of it. I love how the dancing outline of the text really matches the game name, since it's basically spinning. Especially the border around the name. This gives me League of Legends/Riot Games level of editing, music, and feel. I don't think that I'll be able to participate in it unless I can convince my college to do it, but this has to be one of the best things to see at the end of my Vex journey. Thank y'all so much for the games, fun, education, and years I've spent falling in love with robotics. I'm gonna be watching this on repeat for hours now. Y'all absolutely rock! 😀

  6. What kind of teaser was that? At least show a game piece or something.

  7. Oh I am so ready for my 8th grade year!

  8. Pumped for the new season, cant wait for the game reveal

  9. You could do this with iq (please do it with iq)

  10. This is a good teaser. I really hope this a water game.

  11. Don't rings on the field interfere with this system?
    I'd imagine they slide up the ramp just as easily as
    the goal post and could get in the way.

  12. What will the 2022-2023 VEX IQ challenge game be? Waiting for that to be announced prior to summer of 2022, I graduate high school in 2022 and moving to post secondary, I finished robotics in my freshman and sophomore years but I still design robots but working on a IQ desktop which is similar to a regular desktop, I am still ready to see future VIQC games being revealed for years to come.

    I built and competed my robots for nearly a year but working to buy the new 2nd generation IQ kit which will help me a lot than the first generation was, Thank you for what you have designed since I started robotics in 2018

  13. Cool, this is going to be our first VRC challenge!

  14. so excited to see the challenge unveiled at worlds!!! less than 2 weeks before we go 🙂

  15. When a team you beat in your states semis is in the vex teaser video

  16. I’m so hyped for this game, it will be my second year doing VCR and this team my team of 3 total get the honor to go to worlds and this is all of our first year

  17. Ngl the name is pretty good because it’s specific enough to get excited but it’s vague enough to make you wonder what it is

  18. no way no way no way!!!! I participated with Vex from the 8th-12th grade and omg do I miss it. The last year I had the pleasure of competing was in 2017 and now I'm currently at the end of a chapter of my life and I'm about to be moving to Dallas Texas!!! I hope I can volunteer for the events that take place. I really miss this program and think every kid in school should have the chance of participating. Btw i was team 1879A and competed in the world champs 2016 and 2017… wouldn't change anything about my experience.

  19. I am part of the jrotc division and I can’t wait for the unveil in Dallas

  20. Wow this is gonna be sick. So excited to compete in my second year. 2011 For Life!

  21. Fantastic editing and graphics. So excited for this new game! I really wonder if this game is going to be one of the best especially cause "spin" [up] and then the price increase, while could be unrelated.


  23. First competition in 4 years i may not be able to attend (if I find a VEXU team or not)

  24. what is the box in the middle of the field?

  25. Will you guys reveal a new VEX IQ game at the world competition?

  26. but the real sauce begins on May 5th! good luck to all teams lol

  27. Here's my prediction: The main objective of scoring will be a screw facing upward with a platform hanging on it. The main goal will be to slap the platform and make it "spin up" the screw. There will be sections of height for the platform to go to, and you will likely be able to put objects on the platform(s) for extra scoring. These could be stars, blocks, balls, robots, etc. I am also thinking there might be objects you can turn over or spin around like the Turning Point flags.

  28. It is time for me to go try hard mode /6364E/

  29. @VEX Robotics, what time will the full reveal be released?

  30. Is it just me who hopes this will be shooting frisbees like the 2013 frc game? Shooter game time baby

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