Vex R + Vex R + Vex R + Vex R -

Vex R + Vex R + Vex R + Vex R

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Tried to do a little Vortex with Vex Ults!

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  1. shouldve done another tp to the other side afterwards then into a ready ryze ult

  2. Waititng for the One For All ultimate vortex black hole…

  3. Does anyone know when she’s coming? I checked yesterday because that’s what everyone was saying but there’s nothing. So I checked again today but I still haven’t seen anything :^

  4. Vandiril, we would love if you r -> instant tp on ward of 4 corner of the map, then repress it. Is it possible ?

  5. How many champs can you get to chase a high speed Quinn? like you have Vex R, Vi R, Maokai W, maybe a Prowler's claw? Snowball if done on ARAM. I can't think of any others off the top of my head but that could be interesting!

  6. Didnt make a straight chain. Didnt go fountain to fountain. Kinda disappointed

  7. Reminds me of one for all, 5 thresh lanterns in a circle pattern.

  8. Reminds me of the One for All Thresh Spin.

  9. We need One For All to see this in it's full splendor

  10. now do this with also 4 noc R on top of the 4 vex R

  11. It's like the thresh lanterns, but much farther.

  12. Stand in square, but activate one at a time. So just before the other one hits you activate your dash.

  13. Waaaait, you want to tell me… it actually works well?

  14. for that spiral thing: it looks like gravity pulled them into the center 😀

  15. Found a something in practice mode where if you spam her e in different places with no cool down one of them will eventually decide to not stop expanding for a bit.

  16. What if they were at the 4 corners of the map ( Use tp after Ult and the ult)

  17. Gdzieś w krzaku przy lesie wszyscy razem spotkamy sie. Mimo swiata w którym…

  18. ive ever wondered what it would look like if 4 blitzcranks hook each other, now i think i know xD

  19. no one:
    Vandiril: Vex R + Vex R + Vex R + Vex R

  20. MAKE A FUSION OF TRESH + VEX + SYLAS PLSSS in a new most satysfaying compilation with the new champs!!!

  21. Make a race on lee akali vex and unblance

  22. Vex R into nocturne R with sylas R aswell? 2 sylas, 2 vex, 2 nocturne

  23. You dont wanna know what they added in 2023

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