Vex R Interactions! (Range Test, 2x Vex R, Braum E and more...) -

Vex R Interactions! (Range Test, 2x Vex R, Braum E and more…)

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Showing you the Range of Vex R and few interactions with it!
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  1. Would be fun to see if you can stop Vex's R dash with Yasuo Q tornado and other abilities, and if Vex can chase someone who is eaten by Tahm, maybe also sprinting away. Shen ulting someone from one end of the map to another. Maybe ARAM with someone snowball dashing towards someone else and Vex trying to follow up?

  2. I forgot what ability that was for Braun and thought he was gonna zoom with her

  3. Why u dont try second Part of vex r vs yasuo q after two TIMES tp see Will it stop vex

  4. Interactions with Kayn may be interesting ithink

  5. Deathstar shoots planet. Yasuo on the surface: Fck this, im out: WINDWALL!

  6. yet again, yasuo windwall proving to be more useful than braum's entire identity

  7. vex: i will r everyone
    yasuo: what about i block everything when i was realizing faking zombie

  8. i wished i voiced vex i would’ve gave her more depressing voice lines since i relate

  9. every new champion is just another motive to ban sylas

  10. can anyone explain to me, why the fk does her R gets a reset? FOR WHAT?!

  11. The first time a champion hasn't looks absolutely insane in forever

  12. what will happen if we ult in to invisible target like teemo?
    what if we get taunt when we jumping with ult like blitz and naut q _ shaco box _ and …
    can we take dameg when ulting
    like can we targetble ( can enemy team outo attck me ?)
    can we take aoe dameg from teemo ult
    lux ability and ….

  13. Her kit is fine..? Actually she's strong but, a mage type of strong where situationally she's annoying, but every single dash-happy, gap closing monstrosity in the game just blows her to smithereens without her even laying the first part of her kit.

  14. Can vex be blocked by trundle E / anivia w / taliyah r, like mid air? u know when blitz hook someone and trundle presses e

  15. 0:49 Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline
    Is where I'm gonna wait, for you

  16. Now I want to see two Warwick using R on each other and then hugging as if they've not seen each other for years

  17. Vex R Chain into Warwick Q into Bard Journey?

  18. Why would you put samira counter but not fiora's one ?

  19. Veigo R resets werent dumb enough so they made mage version aswell

  20. Poppys anti dash thing and becoming grounded mid ult

  21. What happens if Vex uses her second ultimate and Urgot uses his ultimate?

  22. what if theres vex ulting a vex thats ulting another vex and that vex is ulting vex that ulted vex ulting vex thats also ulting vex

  23. Hi vandiril, i just got a new interaction between sylas and vex with their ults

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