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  1. My game is crashing every time when I start the game pls help

  2. The game has more pigs than med kits, also you can tell their camera sensitivity is pretty damn low

  3. What is up with the city pred new roar it is way to short for the cinematic

  4. I love the two new Predator skins. One is purple and one es grey-red like the ultimate Predator

  5. I play on ps4, ever since the update I haven't been able to play it

  6. I was playing as pred the other day and hot absolutely wreaked bc one guy on the team knew where I was the whole game and was able to follow me and kill me when I was trying to heal

  7. Any new cosmetic;
    Lordy: "That looks soooooo clean!"

  8. Interesting build. Dont see long jump used too often, but it can be an advantage when one or two FT decide to chase. Most likely they won't get there in time and will be cut off from the rest of the team when they try to get back. A chance for pred to pounce.

  9. Oooh those masks though, now those are nice, i really like those

  10. Hi bloodthirstylord i started playing predtor hunting ground because of you and just keep producing great content thank you so much for helping me learn how to play the game and I just got to level hundred

  11. This update ain't good enough. They need to buff the Predators and add a option to change their armor type.

  12. I officially quit a month ago or so now..I'll come back if the new mode and maps are decent but I've tried hanging on and having faith but just not having fun with the game anymore..And more skin/shade patch/updates aint gonna hold me over lol

  13. Bloodthirsty when I was playing I was able to have the city hunter wrist launcher with the jungle hunter 87

  14. How do escape fire teams that hunt the predator….you find yourself running most of the match

  15. You are a Legend your videos are awesome 😊 love the technical bro 😁

  16. Yeah the pig minimap icons were messing me up. Thought it was a glitch until I looked really damn close…. Why? Just why. They should at least be a different color. Red on red is just ridiculous.

    And auto-feast boars is still an issue…

  17. Bloodthirsty is the predator I aspire to be in this game. When I play pred I try to think what would bloodthirsty do in this situation

  18. I cant even play the game it keeps on crashing for me.😥

  19. They need to buff the plasma caster and ranged damage perk it’s so trash rn

  20. Btw city hunter and elder can have any skin color now

  21. They need to create a fugitive predator guy yes I know it was a shitty movie but that doesn’t change the fact that the rouge guy was cool

  22. Basically with the new update as a predator, you are essentially running, jumping away, and healing as much as you can. Way too competitive imo.

  23. Is anyone having crash Issues with this update? The game boots up but then immediately closes as soon as the main menu pops up, didn't happen before until this update, tried reinstalling with firewall disabled and rebooting but still no go, its weird, anyways thanks.

  24. 1:24 I would love to see that trapper build I just love the design and the colors 🙂

  25. Lordy I could use a tip what happens if you activate the second wind ability and you need to heal but the fire team just keeps following you everywhere and they don't let you heal :/
    I died because of that 🙁

  26. The new masks looks really good, except Vex. Vex is literally one of the worst predator masks ever.

  27. I didn't know you can activate health kit before landing a jump, very good to know.

  28. I don’t understand why people play this when AvP multiplayer has three teams instead of 2 ???

  29. the design of that mask sucks, also the combination of those 2 colors (Gold/Blue) doesn't look good

  30. Looking for Fireteam friends my PS4 ID: De_dpool.

  31. I think the update keeps crashing my game or smthing tbh..I cant get into a match and nothing loads. I reinstalled it i have enough space, the disk is fine, so idfk

  32. Hope you didn't have to pay for that skin…looks like no effort painted gold

  33. Anyone else’s game not even getting to the menu before crashing since the update? Tried installing again changing location and everything

  34. Honestly we need more fireteam classes just looking at them compared to the predators classes are crazy and honestly I hope the predator doesnt receive anything new for a while its already good as is

  35. I think The vex mask is inspired by the destiny 1 and 2 enemies called "the vex" idk if this is confirmed but they look identical.

  36. Does it still take 4 hours to que as the Predator? That killed the game for me

  37. I've never ran across this guy be4 on the game. Can't wait. My team collects predators masks. Good hunting

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