Vex-[Perfect] Walkthrough -

Vex-[Perfect] Walkthrough

A Gamer
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AGamer here and this is one tough game, tougher then “Give Up”. So I decided to make a walkthrough for the “perfect” score.

Play the game on Kong:
Created by: BGamesSite, amazingadam4
Rating: 3.54


  1. You're a peasant. My friend would obliterate you. All his time together including all menu time is 7:36 for a continuous run. 

  2. Filthy casual. You think you're some god; going and uploading your run like nobody else can touch your times. Peasant. We hold the goblet. 6:33. With menu times. You cut those and still only managed to see our holy city from a distance.

  3. Why didn't I think of this? I can do that but I never thought about creating a video. Damn.

  4. guru hgjg env gufjghuhgjgvyjguh ukgubtvylh👗👗🌹👗

  5. I'm sorry bud, good walkthrough keep it up.

  6. This is really nice lol. I used to play games like this. And now we both are playing Gw2 ! Im Erathorn Stark! Yoo

  7. I just beat vex on hudgames ,Act 10 called "bubble troubleation" is VERY HARD. U have a time limit on Act 10! run out of time,U have to restart from the level hub!

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