Vex Over Under | Robot in 24 Hours | AUBIE1 -

Vex Over Under | Robot in 24 Hours | AUBIE1

Auburn Robotics Club
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Introducing AUBIE1’s robot in 24 hours for Vex Over Under: Curious George !

Chassis: Four 11 W Motors, 333 RPM
Intake – Two 5.5 W Motors, 200 RPM
Catapult – One 11 W Motor, 43 RPM
Climb – Two 11 W Motors, 20 RPM

Leave any questions in the comments below. Explanation video coming soon…..

Song: Unglued – Big Data

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  1. if you dont mind me asking whats the cycle tie for 22 triballs?

  2. nice robot! but how can you keep the climbing machanisim in position after the game ended?

  3. I haven't seen anybody attempt to climb very high in this game yet. Could someone explain why? (I'm involved in FRC, where some way to do everything is almost always public by the end of week 1, so this is odd to me)

  4. Are you able to fit under the fence and/or go over it?

  5. It's a great robot.But does it have the ability to get the AWP ?

  6. What's the height of the robot in the starting position?

  7. Hello! That robot is incredible; I really admire its design and innovative concept. I have a question regarding the functioning of a catapult. Could you please provide a detailed explanation of this mechanism?

  8. does the intake lock up when it flips out? I was thinking of making one that locks up, but I can't figure it out yet

  9. looks great :D, but can I have what you used the 8 motors on? Thanks

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