VEX NEW CHAMPION TEASER - League of Legends New Yordle Mage -

VEX NEW CHAMPION TEASER – League of Legends New Yordle Mage

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VEX NEW CHAMPION TEASER – League of Legends New Yordle Mage teaser preview, shadow mist powers, anti-dash traditional mage coming after Akshan, Vex abilities speculations and theory. 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS:

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  1. finally riot launched a different type of hero

  2. i imagine her something like combination of nidalee and sevagoth from game warframe maybe she could be able to transform into that shadow as an ultimate maybe or a a spell lik nidalee and have more abilities like that and also i would be glad if rito added new sick skins on volibear :DDDDD

  3. I love her design. It's really cute. I love that her shadow guy mimics her expressions. I kinda wish they'd add anti-dash mechanics onto more characters including existing ones, not just new champs. They gave 'Grounded' to Singed and Cass's E spells, Poppy has her W, and Soraka's E 'Silences' a small area (Though that's often not how you use it, it's more of a disruptor and follow up CC). They need to bring back the shove on Azir's ult and add more 'Grounded' effects to various champion abilities. This game would feel less oppressive if more champions had anti-dash effects in their kit. Some spitball examples I suppose would be…:

    – Give the aura from Lulu ult anti-dash
    – Have Syndra W place a short anti-dash effect on champions hit that gets longer when it hits max rank like the rest of her abilities
    – Have Zyra's melee plants apply an anti-dash effect
    – Maokai Sapling if they hit from brush
    – Malzahar Voidlings if they hit while you have Space Aids
    – Kog'Maw's E should apply it

    I'm hoping Vex has ALOT of anti-dash. I'm hoping any Mist she creates becomes an anti-dash zone or something to that effect.

    As a side note, I know Dashes and Heals have become a huge issue in League recently but there should also be a couple champions who are either resistant or immune to effects that negate them. Kalista should be immune to anti-dash. Just throwing that one out there since that's literally all that champion has. And on the healing side, Soraka should be resistant but not immune to Grievous Wounds… Like only 50% effective against her or targets she's healing. She's in such a bad spot right now because 800 Gold counter her entire kit.

  4. So she will be also release at wild rift like akshan?

  5. My Ap Malphite is better than all these new shiitt!! Just spam that juicy Q…

  6. Another champ with anti-dash spells? Hell yeah!

  7. (How to make a cool unique name )
    Put a X in it .yea ok, got it

  8. Vex is probably the shadow and the yordle is yuumis lost master Norra

  9. Finally a non-hottie champion with an actual cool theme.

  10. vex, ada and dess and isolde will be new champs

  11. wow a new champion I am actually interested in…. nice finally

  12. Akali cosplay at 100k subs, aren't you a guy?

  13. Ah yes, the scalpel of edgy champions

  14. Ah yes,she was in creating for quite some time. Right? I remeber for sure about 8months ago some art.

  15. Am I the only one to notice him meow "Paint it black"?

  16. they should stop making new champs and start focusing on the actual problems of the game 🙂

  17. Alright boys, what we betting on this time? Is she gonna be absolute ass like Akshan and needs a fuckton of hotfix buffs or is she gonna be like Samira?

  18. holy …..yordle+goth ….this gonna be awesome!

  19. It would be fun to see her affect fog of war around the map even if warded that would be great or use map shadows somehow

  20. Great, we needed another mid laner that is a mage.

  21. New champ Clovis will also be released as a botlane synergy for Vex

  22. if she counters those champions I'm for sure maining her from the start

  23. They added a new character into the story but couldn't be bothered to introduce the existing ones like trash and yoric into the fray =P

  24. Looks like annie and the shadow behind her is her bear

  25. Isn't she actually the mage master Yummy is searching for?

  26. This. This champion right there. She's my kindred spirit.

  27. Looks like she is done about life 😂😭💀💀💀

  28. they're releasing 2 mid laners in a row? okay then…

  29. Bit disappointed she isn't a artillery mage since I love the underused archtype. However, anti-dash is really nice.


  31. Vex: being the cursed dark mage of the shadow iles bringer of mist and doom

    Veigar: bruh who you?

  32. <- Team Vex during the event… glad to get her soon.

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