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Vex Mythoroller

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will revisit this build on console

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  1. 17:47 That dude did more for his team being AFK compared to actually playing the game

  2. Highly recommended as a heavy option for this setup: a crafted Cataclysmic with liquid coils and Enhanced High Impact Reserves and Enhanced Successful Warm-Up. One headshot gives you radiant + successful warmup, and at a certain point in the mag (can't remember exactly where) you'll be able to one-shot to the body with successful warmup going.

  3. Radiant doesnt stack with high energy fire, it use to when season of the haunted came out, but it was a bug and was fixed shortly after, but besides that its a cool build. I have a build on my titan with Vex and Path of Burning Steps and its great, but also has the same problem. Burning steps stacks with the vex internal damage buff, and font of might, but doesnt stack with radiant or high energy fire. On its own, high energy fire stacks with the vex buff, build would just need a small adjustment, like using firepower instead of high energy fire for more grenade uptime

  4. this was extremely enjoyable to watch, ur different on controller then anyone else

  5. I ran this exact loadout and I was able to roll most of the lobbies I got into.

  6. I played with you for a match. I didn't know how bad players treated you if they recognized you. They just wouldn't leave you alone. I was the last word guy on mnk

  7. Is it just me or the vex is fokin broken. Like at least make it use special ammo c'mon. Been dying to this for a couple days now

  8. Serious question how is controller so hard for you? didnt everybody play with a controller as a kid? is it not like riding a bike?

  9. I have currently 108 runs of vog and no vex. Just wish i had it so that I could try it as im extremely bored with almost every other archetype rn.

  10. What is this hacked , everyone says warlocks are weak in the crucible

  11. Riptide and the other rapid fusions (shoutout Legoleflash, aim assist on Cartesian is wildly high and makes a difference) are SO good on controller. Zealot’s is my most used but Riptide climbed up there when I got Vex. Honestly with the changes to DMT and the mid-range meta, this is my new go-to loadout.

  12. Hey Cammy, I use a build pretty similar to this! You can take it further if you use something like Burden of Guilt with Perpetual Motion and HIR! It lets you get Radiant off of literally any kill, and gets some pretty absurd kills.

  13. This is one of my favorite builds (and Vex one of my favorite exotics since D1). I’ve got 18,000 pvp kills on mine 😅

  14. I'm kind of surprised people have dropped Mythoclast like a piece of stale bread after it got nerfed when the whole community was swearing up and down about how it was the most busted thing, it's still really strong too since the only thing that got nerfed is it lost a bit of Aim Assist that you can make up for with a targeting mod and now it takes 3 kills for LFR mode but the base Auto mode still just melts people. (Shows how fickle the community is when they'll pick up or drop something even after the most milquetoast of changes.)

  15. Speaking of the score multiplier in Control, I'd love to see a Crucible Labs where each flag captured is a 1x, 1.5x, and finally 2x multiplier, instead of the 1x, 2x, and 3x it currently is now. The point system would also have to be a different base to accommodate the 1.5x obviously, but I'd be curious if we'd have less mercies and closer games. I understand the point is to control the map, but sometimes I just feel like having 2x multiplier and near total map control vs the other team's 1x and being spawned trapped is a little too lopsided at times.

    My memory is bad but I could've sworn this is how the flags worked in D1 Control, but that game also works off base 100 per kill, and also has a ton of extra bonus points to earn for various things like headshots, defends, etc. While the bonus point system would also be fun to have back too, I'm more curious how Control would work with less severe multipliers.

  16. I hate this vid because this is my dream loadout but I cant do it cause no vex after 85 CLEARS

  17. That was me you were riding into battle at 5:00! I am absolutely in love with that Last Hope roll after the sidearm buff. Love your videos, ggs <3

  18. They went so easy on the Vex nerf, and I say that as a good thing. I'm honestly glad knowing that there's always gonna be a viable AR available even when the actual AR's aren't doing great on the current meta.

  19. Are you using a double button bind in Destiny 2's config or a controller firmware modifier key? I've found the D2 only option to be finicky for melees, so I have my Xbox Elite Controller as a paddle modifier and bind the true button that D2 interprets to my dpad instead. (Left = class / air move, right = powered melee)

  20. I got vex a couple weeks ago, now I just need to get rain of fire

  21. That warlock at the end of the first match mad that he had to use 3 heavy linear shots to down Cammy

  22. Ok but use it on void to have devour+radiant

  23. if this freaking thing would just drop…

  24. Imagine being the guy that gets mercy'd but bags and emotes at 8:22.

  25. 18:25 must be every titan's worst nightmare (kill feed). Getting linear'd while Thundercrashing sucks so much.

  26. Hearing that spectral blade spam rt like a bot really triggered me for some reason

  27. Skulking Wolf does not work when you have heat rises. My friend and I tested it.

  28. Ay i found this channel through really goofy means but were you playing OW2 recently? Dont watch channel but faced someone by name cammycakes. Then when going on nostalgia trip listening to oh no you didnt song from Mercenaries 2 marketing saw a comment about your channel and recognized the name lol

  29. Man if I could get ahold of the vex I'd never put it down. I don't think I got it in d1 either,, just can't get a fireteam together to do the raid. sucks being a solo player 😖

  30. WARLOCKS OP the fastest, you can fuggin fly up to the skybox, got icarus… So Lame.
    bring back twilight garrison & titan skating waaaaah
    i don't wanna wear a dress :,(

  31. I think it's time bungie let teams match teams more often even if it means opening up SBMM even more. Communication against solo players is the real O.P. ability in Destiny2

  32. Yes Lorentz is normally used in Control by lots of people

  33. I find I can mitigate the larger DZ by upping the sensitivity slightly based on what you're able to manage and are comfortable with. Not sure if that's how it actually works or if it just feels like to to me. But for me it seems to help.

  34. @ :57 seconds…connection??? You straight up missed lol

  35. I loved the part where he blames the connection for missing the shot, some things never change. Also has to be teammates faults

  36. I feel like this should be a titan exotic boot. Warlocks snipe, hunters shotgun and titans use fusions. That seems to be the way my matches work out usually

  37. The vex I use hits nothing like this. Must have a special streamer version

  38. Cammy playing on controller every once in a while: "I'm popping my super – 1 sec later – I'm not popping my super; I'm using heat rises now – 1 sec – I'm not using heat rises now"

  39. How did you melee without spending your snap?

  40. Like 6 years ago played this dude in a rumble match on d1. I beat him by 1 kill and i was hype.

  41. Love Cammycakes right, I want him to have my babies. but… replayed engagement at 1:00 over and over. I saw a tiny teleport but it seemed like it80-95% just him missing. does what he see on his screen and what we see on youtube at 1080p60fps change THAT much?? no right?

  42. It’s better with a harmony kinetic gl with proximity grenades…

  43. so how does he keep on refreshing radiant with the vex??

  44. POV you have no skill an must crutch on no skill weapons for fake kills

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