Vex Mythoclast: Old vs New (Destiny and Destiny 2) -

Vex Mythoclast: Old vs New (Destiny and Destiny 2)

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A quick comparison between new and old of one of my favourite exotics. Enjoy!


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  2. To me it seems like i d1 the sounds are kinda muffled and sound a bit soft in d2 it sounds like if it hits you its gonna fucking sting or shoot right through you

  3. I run only one character and managed to get it on my second clear. I’m still waiting to get a single fate bringer though so yeah.

  4. They really shat on this gun. Used to do 40 and 27, now it does 32 and 22. Used to kick and sound like a monster you didn't want to get hit by, now it kicks and sounds like a wet noodle. And it likely won't get better until the next dlc knowing Bungie's incompetent ass. I don't want to see another old raid return, their first time out and they fuck up this bad.


    They've truly made it better in every way, good job bungie!

  6. i feel like i'm the only one who likes the old look of the vex (as well as the sound), it looks sooo pretty on D1, straight from Halo

  7. I don't get how you can rate it any differently as opposed to the looks. It's the same gun, lmao. There really isn't much that changed between the two. It just looks more polished. Hell, even the ornament is the EXACT same thing from D1.

  8. good video, still don't get the fuss about the sound.

  9. I think d2 looks better but in the current sandbox it's one of the worst weapons in the game.

  10. Idk why they change the design, in D1 it look so much better

  11. The D1's Vex sounds pretty good, but in my personal opinion, I think D2's Vex sounds crispier and more powerful.

  12. Bye bye Zen Moment/Rampage, hello Linear Fusion Rifle more I'll never use. 🙁

  13. It’s literally just reskinned, revamped, and reused

  14. I got Mythoclast on my 4th clear and the catalyst on my 7th clear

  15. 24 clears then I got it, vex is a all time favorite

  16. yeye… 33-35 something clears, still no drop… : (

  17. I am here to say that vex will be getting a buff! It’s catalyst buff brings back zen moment and rampage altogether and holds overcharge on stow now!

  18. Am I the only one who doesn't understand the hate for the new sound effect? It sounds almost exactly the same, but with a soft pop at the moment of discharge. I like the newer version more to be honest.

  19. Remind me again why they felt they had to change how it sounds when your shoot it?

  20. The old sound effect is atrocious, so glad they didn't keep it.

  21. It's been 4 months
    I still don't FUCKING HAVE IT

  22. Totally agree with score d1 version sound was something else.

  23. Wish the Alt fire sounded like the Hobgoblin sniper

  24. This video helped me realize that the new Vex DOES have the old sound, its quieter and behind the louder "Tok tok tok"

  25. The new one sounds like door that wasnt oiled for 5 years imo

  26. Is it bad that I'd prefer how vex sounds like in d2 than d1?

  27. i dont understand why they got ride of customizations on exotics

  28. 10 for old looks? It looks like a toy wrapped in a potato. New one actually looks like a sick mix between a Star Wars gun and a vex shell

  29. In its current state in D2 Vex is amazing, it’s my go-to weapon. I prefer the old firing sound effect but at this points it’s whatever.

  30. I have a major question. The D2 Mythoclast. How is your crosshairs doing that…? The 3 lines on the angles and top are in the center… then when you fire, they recoil outward, and then recenter when you stop.

    My crosshairs are like all other fusion rifles – and always outside, never inside the circle. I've seen other videos with that same crosshair, and no one seems to know why its like that.

    It is NOT the catalyst in use, its not the ornament, and its not console/PC exclusive, or a setting.

  31. Ima have to disagree on sound, d1 just sounded awesome but fake at the same time… it could be the nostalgia being a big bias but I just feel like d1 sounded better.

  32. Last night was my first attempt at vog on d2 and I got it. My friend was pissed because he has been doing it for the past 3 weeks on each character

  33. Completely agree that D1 mytho sounded better. However, I think that the D2 version looks way cooler, especially the vex effect from the barrel when it fires.

  34. I think the old vex is cooler and sounds way better. it sounds way heavier and more threatening. one feature i love about the old the vex is the lower you get in the mag the more the lights start to dim. the new vex kinda has it but its not until the last few bullets and its barely noticeable unlike the old one. the new one after buff definitely is vex in its best state though id say. I wish there was a d1 sound option like doom eternal had to make newer weapons sound like their old counterparts. then in d2 vex could sound like vex. and weapons like fatebringer would sound alot heavier too.

  35. First raid: everything dropped even vex.
    Got catalyst and never played the raid again.

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