VEX MYTHOCLAST IS BACK! (First Gameplay) -


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  2. Can you switch back to full auto mode after you go to the linear fusion mode or do you have to use all the charges?

  3. Sucks that it doesn't have it's iconic D1 sound.

  4. "It really doesn't need stability, it's pretty much a laser beam."

    Why yes, yes it is. Literally.

  5. Shame, no crucible gameplay. Literally the sole purpose this weapon was used in D1

  6. You know this gun mean business when it becomes trending on YouTube 🤩

  7. "It really doesn't need stability, it's pretty much a laser beam."

    Why yes, yes it is. Literally.

  8. @Ehroar did any of your frnds get the gun ? if not then you can use my acc

  9. I want to get this weapon so bad but my social anxiety can handle it

  10. I guy in IB melted my whole team with that….I mean its not op op but fuck it hurts

  11. I can’t believe they left the typo about the trigger pull in. Had it for a week and thought it was awful way back 😁

  12. RNG Jesus did not abandon me on this day.
    I got it from my first drop Atheon Drop.

  13. The vex affect on the barrel when you shoot is pretty cool.

  14. There is 5 plates in VOG that you needto stand on with Vex Mythoclast and kill oracles. After that the catalyst will drop from a chest

  15. I may or may not have gotten it first clear but we dont talk about that

  16. looks different, sounds different, doesn't even have rampage anymore

    how do they fuck this shit up so efficiently?

  17. Sincerely, i was expecting more from it. Very MEH at PvE and PvP atm. The Catalyst should give you some advantage over champions to be viable to use the exotic slot, like bypassing barriers or something.

    But hey, it's good to use inside Lost Sectors ehe

  18. The Vex was Ghorn level in D1 and they nerfed it immediately, even b4 the Ghorn. I was pissed.

    Hope they ban it from pvp to avoid the same fate. It was extremely rare to drop like the Nechrocasm.

  19. Wait do you only have one chance a week to get it (3 with alts)?

  20. I know what is the weapon we all want

    Do I need to say it?


  22. How would a team with the liner only go up against a boss

  23. A theory going around is that once you get a kill it increases to 450rpm. I dont know if it is true but it would be really cool if it did.

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  25. Kind of a missed opportunity to make the alt fire mode shoot like pocket infinity, the fact that linear fusions suck and yet they made this a half linear fusion is sadge. Plus it doesnt sound as cool as in D1

  26. The stability is already manageable on console worthless catalyst

  27. i got it. linear fusion shot needs a buff. i liked the damage with overcharge in d1, not sure it fits d2

  28. This gun makes me want to start playing d2 again but seems like too much work to get to that light

  29. We’ll it’s amazing now…. I kind of wish I could forget this version of vex

  30. People in the comments here 4 months ago had another thing coming when they thought vex sucked. Welcome to season 15 introducing a buffer vex with particle deconstruction

  31. VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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