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Vex Mythobad

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Vex Mythoclast is bad now. It’s Vex Mythobad. Gottem.
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Vex Mythobad
Vex Mythobad
Vex Mythobad



  1. Destiny 2 makes me really happy that I played destiny 1.

  2. somebody plz confirm if this new mario game is good

  3. Playing destiny 2 crucible with stasis is like playing a racing game but you run out of gas every 5 seconds.

  4. the billy mays ad as the guy is sprinting towards Jez was hilarious!

  5. Hearing you say my name for a 3-4 minute portion of the video made me happy

  6. I just got mine to the dismay of all my friends

  7. "iam hearing a lot of action, and iam missing out on most of it"
    Me outside a party 🙁

  8. the title is Vex Mythobad.
    But Jez says the gun is "reasonably strong", but "you need good tracking".

    Vex MythoMeh

  9. I actually think that Vex is fine the way it is. It SHOULD be a weapon that you use for fun, and NOT dominate in crucible again and repeat D1 Y1

  10. As an Ethan this video was fucking weird to watch

  11. People will always shit on 360 auto rifles, then try them once, act like they’re the second coming of Jesus Christ himself, then never speak on the matter again.

  12. I don’t know why but the Skyrim music at 1:41 really made me laugh

  13. “If you can’t kill em normally just use stasis.” Not anymore!

  14. Wasted opportunity to title the video "Vex Mythoass," unsubbed.

  15. when you realize your hair style of choice is unironicly the hairstyle of choice for the most ironic youtuber that you watch

  16. i love hearing the "boom" out f nowhere in each vid lul it gets me everytime

  17. Eathan- the one man Goku not dare challenge in a fight.

  18. Players like Ethan are why destiny pvp is cancer and im glad they are nerfing special ammo in crucible i hope they put it back in boxes. Make players actually be good at the game with kinetics.

  19. Damn, another over-edited montage video. Keep doing what everyone else is doing and I'm sure you'll float to the top eventually. Oh wait, the Destiny community loves this kind of content! My bad!

  20. Hey jez you can complain you aren't using a primary either just got ashotgun and a fusion

  21. To be fair, it does take primary ammo. I find an auto rifle/linear fusion hybrid that takes primary ammo interesting. But it does need a damage buff, which it is getting soon.

  22. damn your at 500k now havent watched since like 120k nice video

  23. 2:20. The winters wrath tracks like D1 truth but better. It came back when it missed you.

  24. I got vex today, its fun but its just not competitive. Range feels bad to me, pulse and handcannons even smgs just out gun it

  25. Yeah “bad “ literally the most op gun in d1 am now d2 don’t care this gun is a beast

  26. I don’t think I’ve ever played a rumble game where at least one person didn’t leave mid game

  27. It’s not saint 14 warcrimes is his hate crimes cause the eliksni hated it.

  28. Touch of Winter was covered by your cam so it was 'Touch of Win' and I can't help but think that was deliberate.

  29. As someone named Ethan, I appreciate my stubbornness to use nothing but a shotgun. However, this Ethan has disappointed daddy J3Z, and therefore shall perish from the Destiny universe.

  30. The idea of adding hard CC to a fast paced fps is still one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

  31. I need to point out that when you pointed out that one Hunter aspect being OP, your camera covered like half the title, so all it said was 'Touch of Win', and I vibe with that.

  32. I may not have the gun but I’m seeing anything bad about it

  33. Everybody that mains Destiny 2 PvP is about to be out of a job due to Halo Infinite. Legit why the fuck would you play Crucible when Halo Infinite exists?

  34. Okay i didn´t know Shaterdive can proc ACD Feedback that makes it omega Risky to Shatterdive next to a Titan if all he needs to do is punch you back now after you triggered Feedback no Cash needed, just a slap across the face

  35. I mean, it has to be OP cuz its a raid weapon it just pisses me off that its a raid weapon, im bad at raids

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