Vex listens to cheerful music :) -

Vex listens to cheerful music :)

Valor Souls
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🎤Voice actors:
Zoe: Starleeter –
Sun/Moon: CirculatingDreamer –

League of Legends 3D animation
Lol animation
Funny video
Fan animation
Song of the Aspects
Vex gaming
Zoe Pantheon Leona Diana

League of Legends belongs to Riot Games. This is a fan-project, therefore, use of their intellectual property is allowed.

#leagueoflegends #lol #animation


  1. Bro how y make this animation ?!I wanna knowWhat is the app use ?!

  2. If you're Aspect of the Sun, clap your hands….

  3. i don't think this is limited to Vex mains

  4. Shadow enjoying this makes it 100 times better

  5. Ok im adding this to my favorite videos this is pure gold

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