VEX IS THE ANSWER TO YONE! - Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends -

VEX IS THE ANSWER TO YONE! – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends

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A lot of people struggle into Yone and I have 2 champions that seem to work well into him… Akshan and Vex! This game highlights how! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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VEX IS THE ANSWER TO YONE! – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends


  1. QOTD: I think she’s a really cool champ and looks really interesting, I wouldn’t want to play against a Vex with my Akali though.. but I suppose that’s the point 😂

  2. Wishing you a good recovery Huzz. Hopefully those jabs are helping your body fight rn

  3. 11:58
    My critique on the Yone, look at the direction of his E cast. If he pushes his body downward on the initial dodge, his snap back brings him farther from Lee Sin, closer to Nidalee, and closer to his tower. I'm not sure if that saves him but there was definitely room for improvement

  4. And on some days, the ults just don't land – good luck getting back to Master Promo!

  5. QotD: I love Vex's concept, everything about it. Shares my depressive ideology, fits my mage playstyle (strong early with burst focus, but also capable of supportive cc), friendly to lower skill players like me, has some 200 years excitement but still having some counterplay via her slower projectiles. Her stats are clearly overtuned though, at least in this meta.

  6. Literally just watched a BDSP trailer and then come to this video with Huzzy whistling pokemon music lol

  7. Vex feels good for League. she feels like she belongs in the game unlike some cat that goes untargetable

  8. QOTD reply: I kinda love Vex, I'm the top mastery on OCE. haven't played for a week though and people are catching up to me 🙁

  9. I think its nice they have an anti dash champ thats a mage cause gragas really isnt. I think her ult reset is pretty strong maybe make dmg higher but only two casts? Her numbers need to be lowered and i think late game her having the ability to proc fear a lot should be the main strength of her kit not necessarily her dmg. I also think shes struggles with what i initally thought sylas would struggle with. While sylas is completely unbalanced. Vexs strength depends alot on the enemies comp which is good i feel for game design. Either shes rlly good or shes kinda of useful but ur not maximizing her kit.

  10. Qotd: I see vex as a return to healthy champion design. She's an anti champ like malz. Her damage is high burst but also pretty high cd.
    Also Neeko is an awesome counter to Yone

  11. QOTD: Vex has a cool design and she is not fundamentally broken like other new champions

  12. Vid 150 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  13. QOTD: Not gnna lie ive barely played league lately so I hav en't played vs many Vex players. I love playing herself though. She's really fun and has clear counterplay.

    Oh and I love all the Vex content. hehe

  14. QotD: Vex is neat, I really like her. First champion that doesn't feel like complete bull when playing against her. I also like her vibe, with her being every mid 2000s, My Chemical Romance loving goth girl. It's fun.

    "He's dead Jim." Is from Star Trek. Dr. McCoy would say that whenever someone died (which happens a lot in for a show from the 60s).

  15. QotD: Vex is a great champ and her kit works well, her damage is a little bit too high given that you can still one shot someone at 6 with no kills or items but it’s not broken in any way but, damage

  16. i like vex, her damage did used to be to high but after the nerf its fine, and when compared to other meta champs she only does damage from a lead, not too much from behind

  17. vex is no real anti movement type of champ. shes just an burst mage which i think is very sad that she works that way

  18. I think misfortune bought gale force maybe she might not be comfortable for the player so bought for survivability.

  19. I honestly don't know how people can look at yone's and not think that his kit is not completely busted or his damage isn't too high

  20. Was about to leave a comment about the ice coffee comment cause I live in a state where we drink iced coffee in the negatives. But then you redeemed your self cause hot coffee turning into cold coffee can be dreadful xD. All jokes with this comment keep up the great content can’t wait to see you hit master this season.

  21. QOTD I really like vex as a champ. The thematic is great, and the kit is really good too. Maybe no reset on kill with the ult, but otherwise I see nothing wrong with her.

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