VEX is still BROKEN, one of the BEST MIDS to CLIMB | Challenger Vex | 12.22 - League of Legends -

VEX is still BROKEN, one of the BEST MIDS to CLIMB | Challenger Vex | 12.22 – League of Legends

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Vex kit just too good for solo queue I guess

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  1. Vex is really fun to play, but it's even funnier when you go vs assassins and they just try to do something in that counter matchup

  2. 🥰 Err.. i mean.. 😒 “hwotever..”

    Another Vexshmeks video from Pekin 💜

  3. Did Pekin play Skarner mid? No.

    Lose Streak: 410

  4. Reminder for Pekin to play Anivia mid.
    Day 2

  5. Hi Pekin! Really hope you see this! I've been playing league for 2 years now and been watching every video you upload for more than a year. Want to thank you for your effort of making these videos every day, because you are the best educational league content creator for many reasons! After first year of playing ranked as adc, my account got hardstuck in silver, so I started playing mid with qiyana and vex and after some months playing norms, made a new account and got to gold with 35 wins. And when I'll have time this winter, Im sure I will reach plat. For some, this is nothing, but for me its a little win, but it was only possible thanks to you and all the things you teach us in your videos, doesn't matter if it's silvers youre playing vs or gm/chall.
    Thanks once again, you're awesome <3 !
    Guys, if you could bump this up so he could see this, would be great !

  6. I struggle to play vex against ranged most of the time, I'm sure this video will help. Great content as always Pekin! Day 62 of asking for AD Lissandra with divine sunderer

  7. I'm just in bronze, so listen or don't, but I've had a lot of success on vex getting an early book and then rushing a catalyst to use on an Abyssal Mask later. Then go Rocketbelt instead of Ludens.

  8. Wow watching Pekin videos back to back is really nice!

  9. holy shit that Vex Hecarim combo at 14:11 is Sick asf. The Shadow Isles combo

  10. I stopped playing mid to learn top but I love your videos. Your content is exactly what I'm looking for right now

  11. Preaseason game
    Mid wintrading

  12. Meanwhile me carrying my team in silver as syndra supp(and doing insane dmg every single game)

  13. I hate, HATE, vex's sound effects. It makes me think my dogs are whining every time I hear it. Terrible sound design IMO.

  14. R we not gonna talk about the expulsion of gas? I won't timestamp it Pekin buuuuut….

  15. Hey pekin, what happened to the Jhin video on your second channel? Just woke up super excited with the notification and it wasn't there 🙁

  16. The segment of the video where you talked about how mages have to play around/with their teammates vs assassins who can go solo was very helpful. I had never thought about the game in that way before, leave of legends is a team game after all. Thanks for the high quality content

  17. My morning officially starts after I chant "pekin, pekin, pekin, pe-" (before I start the video) thanks, pekin

  18. Pekin play heimer again he still has the best win rate

  19. Not the most FEARED Vex in the nation, but still pretty scary 😉

  20. That's the old Luden's image on the thumbnail D:

  21. Is it weird that I haven't played league of legends in years but I still watch you and SRO (maybe a few others) from time to time? I don't even miss the game but I do like watching your explanations while you play.

  22. Viktor placing that ward for Lee Sin to jump to early on was some impressive forward thinking LMAO

  23. You deserve so much more credit as a league creator. I prefer watching this time and time again, than seeing a short buff guy screaming at an adc. So much better.

  24. SAD that your AP ZERI will no longer be a thing soon. Are you going to play a few more AP ZERIs before the rework?

  25. Hey, please do another one of these Vex videos. This was ace

  26. you can basically compare getting a 1 for 1 in a 1v2 as if nobody died at all (if there are no shutdowns) so you just waste their junglers time

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