Vex is so strong that even I can do well on her (so you know she's good) -

Vex is so strong that even I can do well on her (so you know she’s good)

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  1. Wukong & Akshan bot lane because Monke see Akshan Day 64

  2. Seriously how is everyone trying to explain Vex's ultimate not seeing that it's just Lee Sin Q but longer range.

  3. Can I just say that I know absolutely nothing about her but love her just because of her walking animation?

  4. Vex supp with samira is kinda cool. Every fear she knocks them up ;P


    ok ill leave…

  6. Play nocturne adc with a full fear team so you move really fast

  7. horizon focus, lich bane and rapid fire cannon seem fun on vex

  8. League of legends lore is garbage and you can't change my mind

  9. U should play the most fearsome team, with vex, fiddle, shaco, noctrne and urgot to constantly fear your enemies

  10. Vex's walk cycle is adorable. Feels like Mr.Krabs

  11. That Q Damage of her‘s is giving me mad Zoe Flashbacks 💀

  12. Her ult reset is like if you miss your ult with pyke, and then you kill the guy with a basic attack, your ult still resets

  13. Ross: "I feel like it's been a while since we've gotten a midlaner"

    Akshan: "am I a Joke to you?"

    yes, yes you are

  14. I wonder if Vex's shadow is connected to Nocturne or Zed's shadow abilities

  15. The only League videos I watch is your videos Ross. Not that he would even see this comment

  16. 34:32
    that actually made me realize vex r = aram snowball on crack, if it hits u gotta go in no matter what and if it works u feel great xD

  17. Fun fact if vex hits her r on a champ with kaisa adc kaisa can ulty in once vex fears the enemies meaning kaisa doesn't even have to hit w they can both go in

  18. Mr. Boomsocks
    I humbly request a second wave of the ARCANA : XIII – Death clothing merchandise. For you see, unfortunatly it sold out before the day in which i recieved my bank transfer of financial compensation from the establishment that i am employed by.

  19. eventually she's going to get nerfed to where her E is her only real damaging ability and your entire combo works around hitting your E's.

  20. Im so ready to play some kraken slayer full crit vex. Can't wait.

  21. Ross explaining ultimate like Rek'sai does not exist

  22. I thought they removed Ornn's unstoppable. Also pog play by the Ornn

  23. Hey, whenever you're done sucking off the YouTube algorithms you should do some Chad soraka builds.

  24. I miss playing rock paper scissors 😭

  25. Everytime Ross misses an opportunity to use ignite, i smash my ass. It hurts a lot now ;c

  26. The past couple of ross vids I see he likes to hold ignite. It hurts everytime he doesnt just use it

  27. I thought this is an annie skin and was so confused with recognizing the abilities in the other video.

  28. when ross complains ab 110 ping but i play from alaska x,(

  29. Seraphine and Akshan were both midlaners on paper and too good at everything else to actually stay in midlane

  30. Actually I think Vex's ultimate is closest to Lee Sin's Q buffed up to ultimate status and given a reset similar to Darius' pre-nerf ult- you land a damaging long-range skillshot which you can recast to dash to the target doing much more damage, and if they die within a few seconds of that it gets temporarily refreshed. Also she's obviously MASSIVELY overtuned at the moment- I know her passive is a key part of her kit, but such a long-duration CC being available from level 1 and so comically easy to land on multiple enemies at long range just is not OK.

  31. Vex, Shen, and that furrball support that attachs to people?…First vex all with shen ultimate maybe stay alive with the fur ball support and utlimate enough to keep spamming Vex ulitimate..and Now Shen by your side to start grabbing people? Idk just an idea

  32. Y'all I don't know why everyone forgets this part, but Vex's E applies the Passive Gloom mark. Even if they don't have a dash or blink, she still has access to it. Also, any of her basic (not ult) abilities can proc the mark, as well as her basic attacks.

    EDIT: To answer Lillia's question, her W causes her to dash to a location 150 units beind the impact zone. This is why she got marked.

  33. Seems like you could ulti in, use fear, then use everfrost kind of setup to slow

  34. here me out,

    Camille top
    Nocturne jungle
    Vex Mid
    Kaisa ADC
    Galio support


  35. Not gonna lie, at just 60 ability haste and a little short of a 3 sec cd on her Q, vex is scary

  36. the ult is like a resetting ARAM snowball

  37. with her kit i could see her being played in the JG as well

  38. Content idea:
    Play the full sendin it for the england team,

  39. “You could watch a challenger player, but let’s be honest, you want to know how YOURE gonna do playing her.” Well played lmao

  40. Vex ult looks more like a Warwick ult on hits style with some differences.

  41. bro i was thinking of subscribing but then he told me not to think about it so im conflicted and dont know what to do.

  42. League of legends but your team actually heals in team fights because everyone has a moonstone – day 172

  43. Seraphine might be mediocre but More is fire so there 💅🏽

  44. Ross ples eq not qe ples xddd e gives a mark and if you hit that mark with q you get magical crit, not angry or bossy jus pless eq xdddd

  45. Heimerdinger jungle because its just smart Shaco.

    Week 64

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