VEX IS RIOTS BEST CHAMPION YET! Insanely OP Too - League of Legends -

VEX IS RIOTS BEST CHAMPION YET! Insanely OP Too – League of Legends

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VEX IS RIOTS BEST CHAMPION YET! Insanely OP Too – League of Legends


  1. I feel like she will have a power spike at 3 items: ludens + cosmic drive + rabadon

  2. I bet you vex will be played support not mid.

  3. No skill champion for loosers, it has the damage of an assassin with the range of xerath with easy to hit skill shots. Her gameplay will be very similar to seraphine, just keep a huge distance and keep fishing with abilities. No skill no risk champion. Visual design is the only good thing good. All 3 basic abilities look like a knock off of seraphine, R is the copy of kaisa's W, overall damage needs to reduce by atleast 30%, everything looks fun when it does 2x the damage it should do.

  4. 8:15 If he holds his recast ult til Pantheon uses his ult. Could he fallow him, once he landed?

  5. Finnaly a respectable champ with no stans and lifesteal

  6. even though the passive feels a bit wacky to use, i'm glad it behaves like an actual resource that you have to manage and avoid using randomly if you wanna maximize it. Unlike every other fake-resource champs like Irelia, Tryndamere and Akali where the resource bar doesn't f*cking matter and they just mindnumbing run at you and spam all their buttoms. They're no skill expression with their resource bars and it doesn't change their playstyle remotely. This Vex passive is genuinely interesting to me.

  7. Even they scrap her into artillery mage but look at her ult range is way longer than I expected

  8. It's like they took all the frustrating parts of Yuumi and Zoe, and rolled them into one little champ


  10. i played her today she is so op. full dmg combo E,Q,W ULT

  11. Probably my favourite champion release since ekko

  12. Bro Red, you B wayyyy too often. Imo, you missed out on so many turrent plates you could’ve easily got…

  13. How to counter Vex:

    1.- Go to settings.
    2.- Remove shadows.


  14. Why did Panth just sit there and let you kill him.

  15. looks cool
    still waiting on more journey to challenger episodes

  16. i think her q is technically average travel speed but it doesn't look like it due to the two different visual speeds we see. but i think it travels as fast as a lux q. but her e not having a cast animation is pretty damn good. and her ult having a reset on kill participation could be big in fights for her reaching back line and catching multiple people out. she has a lot of potential. disengage, engage, catch potential, a shield and i think i saw a heal. she has a lot

  17. As a challenger with over 10 kills while smurfing I’m actually not impressed, I bet you could do the same with yuumi, I don’t think she’s strong

  18. riot: releases a new champ
    every lol youtuber ever: TOO OP!! :O

  19. Why does her move set look like a rework of chogath

  20. God I lovethat her kit isnt fucking complicated, probably one of the more succesful champs in a while

  21. fiddlesticks ganking you would be too much for this game.

  22. Op is not the word I'd use for this champion. Quite balanced and refreshing.

  23. vvvvvvvvv Vex's abilities vvvvvvvvvv

    Passive – Doom ' Gloom: Doom – Periodically, Vex becomes empowered by Boom, causing her NEXT basic ABILITY to _interrupt_ dashes and Fears enemies.
    Gloom – Whenever a nearby enemy dashes or blinks, they become marked with Gloom. Vex's next basic attack against a marked enemy detonates the mark, dealing bonus damage and refunding part of Doom's cooldown!

    Q – Mistral Bolt: Vex launches a wave forward, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. After a short delay, the wave accelerates but has reduced width. Mistral Bolt detonates Gloom on any marked enemies it hits.

    W – Personal Space: Vex gains a shield and emites a shockwave, dealing magic damage to enemies around her. Personal Space detonates Gloom on any marked Enemies it hits.

    E – Looming Darkness: Shadow flies to a location, increasing in size as it travels. On arriving, Shadow deals magic damage, slows, and marks enemies hit with Gloom.

    R – Shadow Surge: Shadow flies fowardforward, marking and dealing magic damage to the first enemy champion hit. Vex can then recast this ability to have Shadow pull her to the marked target, dealing additional magic damage.

  24. I've been screaming for 3 years now to change the missile system to make certain missiles balanced to avoid and hit (by that i mean, have it have a variable speed start slow and then go fast) at the same time and it seems like they used this champ's Q as test ground, meh.

  25. Why these games gotta be so fake!? These people literally never attacking you. Just letting you hit them with all abilities while they farm XD?

  26. yeah, kinda expected passive that logs ppl out for 5 mins, and here we got normal champ, wtf is happening to riot?

  27. silly CDR build;
    Orn for upgrade to Liandrys = 25AH + 20AH mythic
    Cosmic 40 AH
    Lucidity 20
    Wardstone 15 + 12%
    Zhonyas 10
    Chemtech 20
    +Sorc Rune 10
    =179 AH, 64% AH

    bonus meme: Sell Lucidity for Navori Quickblades for 16.8 more AH (66% AH)
    BONUS bonus meme: 8CDR Shard for 68% AH

    Q cd: 1.8 / 1.7 / 1.6

    OP. Anyways, I'd wager 1-2 of these changes happen on release/patch after (the ult changes are not likely to happen until after pros get their hands on her);

    Q: 10(50) + 60% AP -> 20(50) + 55% AP Damage
    CD: 10(-1) -> 11(-1)

    Cost: 75 -> 50
    Damage: 40(40) + 30% -> 35(35) + 35%
    Shield: 20(30) + 80% -> 25(35) + 70%

    R-1: 25(50) + 20% AP -> 20(45) + 20% AP
    R-2: 50(100) + 50% AP -> 40(90) + 50% AP

  28. Sweet Baby Juggling Jesus, we finally have a new champ who's passive isn't an entire college dissertation.

  29. Initially, this type of thumbnails was actual clickbait, then it turned into jokes for a few years, but now it’s no longer funny. It just shows laziness. Please stop.

  30. We're in a Simulation confirmed AGAIN. At 18:32 Pantheon types "have emrcy", then corrects it "mercy". Like 2-3 seconds later Yone says "no time for mercy". The simulation becomes more obvious everyday.

  31. She is quite simple, but I hate mages, she just destroy any assassin

  32. She is the most cringe champion riot has ever made

  33. after seeing this, i missed league.. I wanna use her so bad

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