VEX is one of the BEST MIDS this patch, this is why... | Challenger Vex - League of Legends -

VEX is one of the BEST MIDS this patch, this is why… | Challenger Vex – League of Legends

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the struggle of having a winning team

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  1. So inting for content? I really used to enjoy the educational videos

  2. get killed level 3 1V1
    is ahead in xp because tp
    I wish they increased early death timer a bit , it always irks me when tp rewards getting outplayed

  3. You look like youre sitting at the con of the starship enterprise in that jumper you have on lol, you just need the little badge.

  4. 21:10 You recast ult and went trough Jinx traps, but since you're Unstoppable you didn't get rooted.
    For some reason, you instead got rooted the moment your recasted ult did damage to her, which was the same time that she gale forced, which the ult should've followed.
    Your W got casted ahead of you, like if you had actually followed her through Gale force and not gotten Rooted. Then when the root ended you did some kinda wierd mini warp into the spot your W was cast in. Super wierd, maybe Jinx trap and Vex ult creates a bug?

  5. i cant believe that there was a yasuo in this game . he made a guest appearance near the nexus at the end XD

  6. Pekin why dont you play a cool champ like not a fucking mage love you bye

  7. We're in a Yordle meta and you know what? Good for them

  8. 6:10 If there are no other champs around to throw it at, you can use your leftover ult charge to help clear the wave.

  9. i like how the beginning of preseason u were like vex and zoe are weak compared to the late game mages. but yes they got nerfed a bit, but people like faker are showing huge results with vex

  10. The commentary early about extended trades and health pots, “pseudo-hp,” was great. I always learn new things from your commentary 🙂

  11. Hey Peking can you please turn up your in game settings? The texture on the ground really throws me off.

  12. i really appreciate that u playing more vex after i commented that !!!!

  13. Gotta love Vex. And her tiny cute walking lol

  14. question im currently very new to mid and vex. i do run her on DH most of the time but when do you think is a good idea to decide to go ary, comet, DH, or electrocute.
    thank you!!!

  15. What times do you stream on twitch ? GMT please

  16. I love how the kindred was just chilling in the river in the beginning ngl

  17. Corki against Vex it's just sad, he cannot win by any chance. From experience I had he always was in a lost position. Ngl the easiest matchup ever.

  18. Pekin i usually win my mid everygame 90% of my games. Then i even try to roam but before 5 minutes my bot lane is already 0/4 and being like ff15. Toxic attitudes etc is there some sort of elo hell that i won't ever get out from. Your games mostly look so clean.

  19. Wouldn't it have been better, if 2 players took the dragon and the rest took 1 or 2 towers at 23:10 after the ace. There was a minion wave and plenty of time maybe I'm just overseeing something

  20. Did he by any chance play a yone game before this one?

  21. That Zilean and Kaisa interaction post-game chat was hilarious

  22. Hey there, love the commentary! I have a question: At 9:33, you still have the reset ultimate cast available. Is there a reason that you don't use it for scouting/pushing the wave instead of letting it go on CD?

  23. watch me playing vex i learned form the best thanks pekin !

  24. Ur videos are my favorite because you don’t scream and yell when u tilt

  25. I tried to come up with a comment but I generally just like watching your videos, in every aspect. Thanks!

  26. 22:35 the random vision on Corki in base… Wth? Where does that come from

  27. Am I the only one bothered by the fact Pekin re-uses his Vex ult only in team fights, and never for pushing his lane after killing his opponent ?
    I'm always so confused about that in your Vex' videos.

    Anyway, I really envoy watching you !

  28. how is he switching between ability range and smart cast on the fly

  29. Mundo went 15-1-9 vs the mid vex in my last game. Hell came to earth.

  30. I really like vex mid, but I cannot figure out who to play if she is banned. Any suggestions for good Champs to have as secondary picks that have similar playstyles to Vex?

  31. Only suggestion, use R reset to hit wave if there is no targets available.

  32. I didn't notice there was a Yasuo until 26 min in

  33. Are these videos scripted? 3 minutes into the match and your botlane isn't 0/5/0 yet

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