Vex Is NOT Balanced 🤯😱 -

Vex Is NOT Balanced 🤯😱

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  1. Burst mage hitting all her skills? Yeah that's broken

  2. Vex gotta be the or one of the best releases in a while

  3. She's balanced based off how slow her spells cast / land

  4. Vex is a counter pick She doesn’t have to be balanced simce she lose super hard against range enemys like cassiopia

  5. A shield, a reset dash, a mark that deals more damage, an auto applicator by dash sensor, and an skills that proc and mark the mark-? Bro what

  6. Sounds like you are taking small dumps and giggeling. Bop hehe

  7. I made a whole acc to see how far I could climb with vex before she even released now I don’t even use it, playing her just isn’t fun since she stomps most of her competition

  8. I loved your way in playing in vex keep going elliax love your videos 💛

  9. Riot holding a gun to every LoL player at the same time: She never was 🔫😁

  10. I mean she is, having a significant skill curve combined with skill shots on almost every skill.

    She does have high scaling though, if you can get through her grueling early game, which balances all of this even further with high-ish cooldowns on all of her skills.

    So yeah. Balanced.

  11. omg vex is such a broken champ tho, her kit is like if you get feared you're dead, its so annoying. The games i had were always like vex got extra fed and we got one shot. Riot needs to balance this champion.

  12. Brand new champ that nobody knows or cares to learn how to lane against = broken champ.

  13. Nah she is def balanced compared to other champs I seen like yone

  14. The irony is Vex was a minor character in the latest story.

  15. How is a burst mage bursting people down not balanced? I’d rather have 2 of vex than 1 of katarina.

  16. WTF im the Akali from the First clip???????????????

  17. Riot: that’s balanced lets nerf Aurelion Sol

  18. Maybe because ypu are just sooo gooood?? Maybee? hahah

  19. i’m convinced you can’t dodge her abilities

  20. "we believe none of our champions have overloaded kits"

  21. "We don't think our champs have overloaded kits at all"

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