VEX IS LEGIT! - Climb to Grandmaster | League of Legends -

VEX IS LEGIT! – Climb to Grandmaster | League of Legends

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VEX IS LEGIT! – Climb to Grandmaster | League of Legends


  1. DAMN. That Vex skin looks amazing! Once I start playing again, I’m gonna get some of those Emperyon skins.

  2. Nice counter. Always learn something watching you.

  3. She is my main and fav. I get kinda happy listening to gron about life xD

  4. A lot of YouTubers are in the uk 🇬🇧 🕵️

  5. honestly I really like just having champ names up, especially with some of the crazy skins you kinda look like a different champion at times.

  6. Ελευθερία Μαστρομανώλη says:

    I personally prefer the summery names more, because we take more information about the player, is he toxic, has a main etc. And some names are so funny and interesting.

  7. QotD: I personally don't mind whether it's summoner names or champ names.
    I think the one benefit to seeing summoner names is recognizing people faster in game?

    I personally don't like Everfrost but just because when i'm unable to 1shot people i feel like my strength drops a LOT since her R relies on being able to kill them.
    Kinda same reason why I don't like Everfrost on Ahri except I think Vex is even more reliant on actually 1shotting the enemy.

  8. Champ names for me – there are SO many skins these days . . .

  9. I love your Vex gameplays! She's a not-so-common champion to see, and you seem to always perform on her.

  10. Since the one with the beard is usually the evil version of someon is this good huzzy?

  11. Huzzy cleanly shaven. *Me* : Hey, who are you?!! What did you do with Huzzy?!!!

  12. Well, Huzzy with beard kinda gives off that Texarkana banjo gamer. Now Huzzy more smoothio and pink younger. Thats the best i can describe.

  13. Kinda like beardless Huzzy. Seeing subtle emotions is fun. Quite expressive

  14. Yami-Yugi's name is Atem, which backwards is Meta, so Yugi Moto was always playing with the meta, the poor boy

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