VEX IS HERE! THE COUNTER TO MODERN META? Ability Breakdown! | League of Legends -

VEX IS HERE! THE COUNTER TO MODERN META? Ability Breakdown! | League of Legends

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The new Champion Vex is here! She’s the new mage and honestly she looks great! She seems to be a counter to the modern S11 mid meta of high mobility. We’re running a giveaway also in this video of Vex, her launch skin and a chroma bundle if she has one – enter by Subscribing, Liking & Commenting what you think of her! League of Legends Vex Ability Reveal & Breakdown.

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VEX IS HERE! THE COUNTER TO MODERN META? Ability Breakdown! | League of Legends


  1. I am gonna love this champ. Hopefully Vex will be decent against the meta and not just weak

  2. This is the first new champion I have been excited for in a long time it feels like. I lover her astehtics and kit. She seems like she would be fun in the jungle as well. We will have to see.

  3. Not sure that I like the champ because I play a bunch of dash champs, but nevertheless I'd like to play her, just for a new experience

  4. I like her concept and feel we need to turn damage down on all champs right now in the meta. But I feel she adds a little balance

  5. To me it seems like a good idea, but not enough. Honestly a fear wont stop zed to oneshot her or irelia to auto her to death while healing back all damage she deals. Hopefully Im wrong, but it doesnt seem much better, maybe she doesnt need zonya just to be able to not get insta deleted

  6. Thank you for the video! I'm excited about her simple kit

  7. With all the sexy champion releases since her i expected them to somehow make her sexy aswell, glad that didnt happen. And the champion looks pretty fun and cool.

  8. Vex is a cool champion, although i wish she would have been an artillery mage because i play xerath and it would be cool to see a modern artillery mage.

  9. I guess this is how riot will change meta now just make a new champ that counters the current meta lol

  10. I like the champ, cute unique and doesn’t seem broken yet 😉

  11. they literally combined marja from arena of valor and phoveus from mobile legends bang bang :/

  12. I could see this being played like Galio… But I could also see this being played like Talon. I'm curious to see this being played in World's, if this champion makes it there. I'd love to try this champion out eventually.

  13. She's the best champion Riot has released in a long time. In regards to kit, personality, and design. She's absolutely entering my champion pool.

  14. Finally a "normal" champ that isn't created to sell skins by being edgy and overpowered. That's a breath of fresh air for players. Plus it's a mage! Hopefully it can help bring back mages in the game

  15. I love her kit and theme. Her abbilites and base skin are just too cool and i cant wait to play her!

  16. I love Vex, she will be so much fun and because of the MANY dashes I will definitely be maining her and dropping all my champs, lol.
    Edit: Btw love the vids, keep up the good work.

  17. vid 31 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  18. Her ult is going to be broken get rid of the reset unless she kills them herself no assist ult reset

  19. Short version: I love mages. This one? I love her already. She doesn't look too hard and I doubt that counterplay and/or balance will too much of a problem. The fear is scary (duh) but apart from that she doesn't look too strong or too weak! Oh and her skin looks kinda cute but I like the dark theme of the base skin… so it really depends on what skins my team uses and how the abilities look.

    Longer Version: In addition to what I said above, I think the best part of Vex is probably the theme although it obviously isn't much along the lines of Jhin (still too hard to top) but her being dark, and gloomy (hehe) works quite well together with her appearance, theme, abilities, and all of that. The design theme did a great job there, in my opinion. Also, it's another Yordle! I loved Veigar and Ziggs, and I do enjoy me some Teemo, Kled and Gnar here and there. It's been a while since the last Yordle champion got announced (Gnar) and well, the last non-humanoid champions were Yuumi, Kled and Aurelion Sol, so really excited about another non-humanoid. I guess Lilia's a centaur-spirit-person but she's still very much along the lines of a humanoid-ish champion, right?
    Either way, her kit looks great. Her Q is kind of like a reverse Caitlyn Q that gets thinner and faster when it hits a target, which works well, I think. The best part about the champion is probably that Vex is gonna be relatively easy to learn but hard to master. The kit isn't super layered, so it's not like an Aphelios or anything like that. The hardest part about the kit will be the passive and AAs vs Ability Empowerments. So, easy to learn, hard to master basically. I think League needs some champions like that that are great into certain comps – like how Poppy or Vex work well against a very mobile team while other champions like Rell or Renekton work well against teams that have a lot of shields.
    Sure, Vex counters a lot of the newer champions but Vex is also relatively immobile with only one ability allowing her to close the gap or get around, like Lissandra and Ziggs. Judging from the kit alone, I doubt that Vex will be too hard to balance either. It's not like Neeko on release who had a slow, stun, and massive shield on her ultimate on a relatively short cooldown which was ridiculous whenever I had to play against her…

    But yeah, cool design, interesting kit, I'm excited! If I do end up winning the giveaway btw, uh, server's EUW and username's MagiWasTaken. Looking forward to seeing you play her on PBE and maybe I'll even be able to catch you live for that!

  20. As a mid laner i am soooo hyped for Vex!. The kit just looks very fun, an assassin safe kit with chase potential.

  21. She looks good. I like the meta counter. Her range is insane too. Excited for this one.

  22. Can’t wait for team fears will synergize well with shaco and fiddle.

  23. I want to try her in support in normals against a dash adc and support

  24. It's great to finally have a mid mage that is actually usable in this season! Mind you, I'm a fan of Anivia, but she's not anywhere near what I'd consider my type of play style, so between Vex's abilities and her overall theme (which I truly enjoy) I'm really happy with Vex 👍

  25. I'm excited. I love playing mages and like trying out new champs every week but I've found that I get destroyed in lane in most games just for the fact that most mages cannot deal with assassins. Not only is it something new but I don't have to fear queueing up into most assassins now.

  26. she is alright, personally not a fan of the edgy feel but still a fun looking champ. played her in pbe a bit

  27. Im in love with her from now , I so excited to try her

  28. I'm pretty excited about her. I really liked taliyah with her anti dash ability and I'm a big fan of diana and she seems like a mashup of both. So that's nice. plus a little bit of fiddle in there^^

  29. Love the abilities, not a fan of the overall theme but it has a lot of flavor.

  30. I absolutely love her as a character. She is a gloomist and depression is super relatable lol. Also it's not just some hot girl or guy with minimal clothes on. It's a cool design and I'm looking forward to her release!

  31. I love this champ so much! Im maining her no matter what aha

  32. I love this new champion, vex isn't as crazy as akshan who can literally revive his teammates or anything like that, just a simple champion which is very easy to understand. It has kinda been a while since we had a new champion like this and I am extremely hyped to play this champion(even though I'm a support main I'll still try vex out in draft pick or blind pick)

  33. Love the anti-movement kit, much needed…and as a yordle only player so excited to have another to play!

  34. i think she looks cool and i love the fackt that she goes in and then dies 😀

  35. I feel like she's a great answer to no only a lot of the meta Champs but even the meta items that also provide a dash. The only problem I see is that because she such a good answer to the meta she will be a common ban for mid.

  36. Honestly she seems really intresting. Doesn't seem overloaded or overpowered. So i think i will like her a lot

  37. Can’t wait to try out a new mate on LoL

  38. I'm really excited to have a baked-in response to the 5,000 dashes, leaps, blinks, and teleports that champions have been gaining over the last few years. I agree with Huzz that it's also nice to not have her be a "pop star", and see League taking a left turn away from beautifying every single champion. It's been a VERY long time since we haven't had a conventionally pretty/handsome human champ.

  39. Personally, other then the R which I don't think should reset (there's already enough of those), I really like the champion and cant wait to make this my AP bruiser top lane niche pick and against Irelia and riven. XD

  40. I love playing mage and bot and I hope I will like vex a lot and will definitely play her. I personally would love some changes to Nami because I think she is missing some range.

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