VEX IS COMING! IT'S THE FINAL WORLDS PATCH! - Patch 11.19 Breakdown | League of Legends -

VEX IS COMING! IT’S THE FINAL WORLDS PATCH! – Patch 11.19 Breakdown | League of Legends

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Welcome to the 2nd Worlds patch and I believe it’s the final worlds patch that the tournament will be played on. Let’s see what we have in store and will it muck up soloq? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch 11.19 breakdown.

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VEX IS COMING! IT’S THE FINAL WORLDS PATCH! – Patchnote Breakdown | League of Legends


  1. Lethality rek saivelkozluden teemo max qzedlbtwitchleethese champs come to my mind rn for urfbut you have to have to play gp he is sooo fun rn

  2. Can you show us some chovy gameplay?

  3. Just took a truly cold shower for the first time, it was amazing after sweltering walking around UCLA campus under the blazing sun. Yes, it's crazy hot on California's coastline, in September. Hope all you viewers have had good weather in your areas

  4. Would like to see a support pro playing something that includes having a hook like Blitzcrank & Nautilus

  5. Vid 59 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  6. why dont they reolace aram with urf its way more fun

  7. Thanks for the hard work Huzzy! Helps me get ready for the grind tomorrow.

  8. I think Sett was, in fact, the last one you seemed excited for.

  9. Hmm… There are a few pros I'd like to see on EUW, but the first prize goes tooooooo…


    Cause you da best :3

  10. ok

    would love to see you play full attack speed jinx in urf- you can get her to 10 attacks per second thanks to her passive

  11. That Aatrox buff is lit. an EARLY early early game buff. Anyone buys tier 1 boots and u can easily walk out of the W. So basicly, after the first back this buff doesnt really matter. Heck, anyone with corruption pot + time wrap tonic (MS buff from popping the potion) can walk out of that ability (thats how bad this ability is and thats how meaningless this buff is – its lit a 3-5 minute window where it matters if someone has no time wrap tonic).

  12. The last hyped release by something being really good was pyke

  13. Pros: DoinB and ShowMaker, last champ you were excited for was definitely sett

  14. I remember morgana being really fun in urf. Constant cc negation, great damage, and near perma cc if you land a q. Very fun control mage.

  15. I miss being able to flash while channeling Galio's taunt, it was really effective in support or mid because you could flash taunt for a gank in mid or both adc and support as support because of it's range while charged and usually ended up with a 1 or 2 for nothing. He's still fun, but I do miss his flash taunt.

  16. Thanks huzz. Only reason I learn any of this is because of you

  17. Anyone one else really love the change in the outro music? Cause it's amazing

  18. I think I remember you being excited about Neeko?

  19. I just love the fact that you mentioned Scarra (if you are talking about the guy that lives on the OTV house) he is a very holesome content creator just like you. I really think you both would get along.

  20. Huzz, the thing with Qiyana is that if the enemy mid has a dash, even if you predict the dash, her Q will never hit, because it automatically locks on the previous spot that the champ you e'd on was. Even Qiyana mains don't like that mechanic, especially when they play against champs with a dash/blink.

  21. Old days of fat wizard gragas and ap sion, kinda wish i could play them again. Though full lifesteal sion was nuts too back then

  22. So , i don't get it ! where's the Counter play for Qiyana ? They literally making her E,Q can't be dodge ??
    so she got a free CC with no skill require cause u can't dodge it . and a free One shot ?!

  23. I hate reading and I love listening to Huzzy, so patch notes are the best videos haha

  24. Saw the bugfixes. "Fixed a bug where Irelia's Q would sometimes deal double damage"

    Excuse me what?

  25. Gotta find a Doinb spectate. At least be high up on the list of potential spectates

  26. the more i look at vex the more she looks like a rejected Alvin and the chipmunks character

  27. Honestly I don't watch any pros, but I'd love if you could watch an ADC main.

  28. Its 23rd of sept ehy isnt urf or vex out??

  29. they nerfed nuguri's kennen😑 riot lck simp

  30. that soraka buff looks legit, you can pick high healing team comp and the enemy's GW will be gone in a second 🤣 aaaand ACE

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