VEX IS BECOMING A SOLOQ GOD! - Climb to Master | League of Legends -

VEX IS BECOMING A SOLOQ GOD! – Climb to Master | League of Legends

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VEX IS BECOMING A SOLOQ GOD! – Climb to Master | League of Legends


  1. You got really lucky this match he didn't level 1 cheese you since you didn't start w.

  2. As Vex against champ that dash on you, it's better to do Q Fear > E > AA, like this you still have W and a shield if they keep their offense on you and you win the trade !

  3. Banger pirate game coming out Skull and Bones

  4. Lmao, Porofessor's right.You were half a step into Master ;D

  5. There was a bethesda pirates of the carribean game which was basically exactly what you want. Skyrim but you can buy and your own ship, sea battles, and all the rpg elements from skyrim like being an outlaw and all that. But its very old now, i remember playing it on the original xbox. Sadly lost the disk

  6. Twitch is good, any cheese pick is so ratifying to dump on.

  7. It's not really that controversial to assume people in the design team have biases. You see it in Magic the gathering all the time. Blue and black will always be stronger or do more powerful things than white, which hasn't been playable in years.

  8. Talking about the pre game events kind of makes me want to see the draft before the game, but i do remember when you did and why you stopped and can’t really argue that it should be added in

  9. Bad logic, they won't know to counter. And in theory, why make their lane harder anyway? Team game.

  10. Indeed, it was a very flVexible pick!

  11. zed or katarina are the most satisfying

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