Vex Is ACTUALLY an AMAZING Support! -


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When you have these bursty supports, you usually think of champions like, Lux, Brand, or Xarath. Vex is actually amazing and is really strong, her early damage does struggle a bit but once you get those items you will really feel the true burst.

Also let me know what I can improve on for the next video, I am happy to take your feedback and try and help the next video be better.

There is a lot of Videos out there with Challenger, Grandmaster, Master, and even diamond players, but not a ton with the average league player. I want to help show you that even in low elo you can do some amazing thing.

Please Like, comment, and subscribe. I would like to keep giving you great support content. There are a ton of league youtubers out there like Nightblue3, Trick2G, Tobias Fate, Rav, and so many more but you don’t really see a ton of support content.


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  1. I honestly would have been spamming FF if I was that garen

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