Vex is a Breath of Fresh Air -

Vex is a Breath of Fresh Air

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I hope you guys like these video’s edited by Fizzle, really gives me some freedom to work on the much longer videos while still getting content out to you guys :D. Bigass video + several other smaller stuff I’m working on on the way soon-ish

Also HUGE apologies for re-uploading the video. I forgot to turn monetization on and my thumbnail choice was less than wise for the new video (was doing my best to mimic the “1000ap one-shot” style of thumbnails and i see now that was a horrible idea). As a result the video didn’t show up in many people’s subscription inboxs, it wasn’t being recommended to people and the ones it did reach said they didn’t even recognize it as a video on my channel. I tired changing it post but to no avail, the hour had passed.
So hopefully by reuploading with all those setting changes it will appease the algorithm better. Apologies for all this, its completely on me. I just want to make sure that I don’t disappoint you guys or the sponsor.

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  1. When the character is broken but its so fun to play you can ignore that

  2. vex is a breath of fresh air in model's and lore? yes. Vex is breath of fresh air in skill set? no

  3. i love people saying " a mage who counter yasuo"

    yasuo on the corner…yeah levels up w i dont know about that chief

  4. The Legends of Runeterra reference cracked me up

  5. Its not its boring design and evrything is shit about it

  6. Veigar does not pass as a real evil Yordle, because he just isn't believable…Vex on the other hand, IS, because she believes it. Veigar doesn't believe hes really evil. 🙂

  7. Why is this guy wearing a mask inside while on stream?

  8. vex should have super marios voice when she uses ult

  9. Oh my God please make more videos like this 😂😂 I love seeing your face, dude 😀

  10. nickyboi some arab (me) read ur name as fuckyboy cuz nicky is close to fucky in Arabic

  11. I actually liked this video because of the NordVPN commercial.

  12. when you counterpick kalista as vax adc

  13. I swear this account and FUNKe are the same person

  14. A champion not based off of mobility it’s quite nice

  15. At the end every kill only gave 100 gold xd

  16. This highlights the problem with league. This man just went like 40+ kills and still lost. Teama that do nothing are the worst

  17. To that Yone main at 7:41. You have been making people cry by playing Yone. This is karmic justice. You are paying for your sins.

  18. Why the hell did Rito Gems put recoloured Celebi on Vex's Q

  19. she is worse that yasuo / yone in my opinion that noone asked for.

  20. Me before seeing this vid: ….well….your boring
    Me after seeing this vid: ….oh….ok…now I get it.
    I haven't played this game in years and even I can tell that she seems like some one that is just satisfying to play after acutally bothering to see what she is like.
    …I'm also happy that her abilites are simiple for once.

  21. I hate vex, bs op shit same as the rest

  22. Canadian self deprivation is the only reason i'm here as a fellow Canadian

  23. Vex is literally the lamest thing riot has added to league in years

  24. for league? maybe. but in general she is just a DA OC lol. "life sucks"

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