VEX IQ Squared Away - 236 point skills score -

VEX IQ Squared Away – 236 point skills score

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March 8th, 2020 California State Championship in Maywood


  1. Wow i wish yall still did iq such good designs

  2. 1st in the world AGAIN
    Sadly we won't be seeing you at worlds this year as we have graduated out of IQ.
    Good Luck Guys!!!!

  3. Very impressive! We will have to only attempt this Sunday for my team. Can’t wait for your Worlds Performance!

  4. Amazing! You have really inspired us to improve our robot and we made it to worlds again. Hopefully nothing happens because of corona

  5. good luck in the world cup we well se you there and maybe you well play with me my team number is 11266D good luck we are from UAE

  6. You guys rock!!! Lets win that team champion again this year!

  7. We were scoring 105 autonomous consistently and were told morning of state competition we would not be allowed to move cubes or touch parts. Teams would be disqualified if they tried. I would like to see the full video of autonomous to see if they used the strategy that we were not allowed to use at state. Still mad about it!

  8. cant believe i didnt see u guys there!
    good luck! hopefully we will see you at worlds if nothing happens due to corona

  9. Amazing! First in the world AGAIN! I have two questions: What ratio do you use for your drivetrain? What is the gear ratio of the arm?

  10. Congrats my team did not go to worlds but you guys seem like you can win it

  11. That claw is so great I wonder who gave it to you ?🧐😀

  12. Nice job! Hoping to see you at worlds! We just added a ball machine with two claws

  13. We want to thank everyone for the kind words and support we've received. Sadly, it was just announced that there will be no 2020 Worlds. We're going to miss that we don't have the chance to defend our title, but mostly we're sad that we don't get to spend time with all of our Vex friends. Hope to see you all next year in Dallas!

  14. I got 147 autonomous points and 173 for driver beat that Batman

  15. Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and VEX Robotics have made the decision to cancel the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
    -VEX IQ

  16. Wait, during the autonomous, you guys touched the blue cube. Arent you not aloud to do that?

  17. Another team from our Club is paired up with you guys in The VEX IQ Virtual Worlds! They are 16688E

  18. You guys are awesome! I like how team 127Z got 127 points in driver skills 🙂 Nice job!

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