VEX IQ Robotics Competition: Full Volume | 2023 - 2024 Game -

VEX IQ Robotics Competition: Full Volume | 2023 – 2024 Game

VEX Robotics
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VEX Robotics:

VEX IQ Robotics Competition: Full Volume official game overview

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  1. Lots of interesting strategies in this game. Some robots might specialize in a certain type of game object

  2. Gonna be honest. This looks AMAZING!!! Though we are VRC i cant wait to see what the bots are gonna look like this season. seems like the theme for both versions (VRC and IQ) is light wieght bots this year 😛

  3. What would the max possible score be in a driver control alliance round?

  4. I got so excited when I saw this video

  5. This is an amazing game but I am so stuck on what robot to make 😂😂

  6. i can bring back my tower takeover cubes

  7. and then fit them in the towers and the supply zones

  8. We're looking forward to this at Henryville Robotics!

  9. Seems like teams will have some challenges ahead of them. Clawbot? Or some kind of conveyor belt ramp?

  10. Dang. This game is gonna be amazing!

  11. This game is so much better than over under ngl

  12. Omg im am so exited to participate in the competition

  13. This is so exciting I can’t wait to work on this with my team!

  14. This year of robotics will be though but it will be fun

  15. why do i wish i back back in iq and not in vrc anymore

  16. Every year the challenges get better and better!

  17. Wasn't there another challenge? is there two challenges?

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