VEX IQ Ringmaster - 2017-2018 VEX IQ Challenge Game -

VEX IQ Ringmaster – 2017-2018 VEX IQ Challenge Game

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  1. At exactly 0:50 you can see how the needle work take a screen show and analyze it

  2. I see the part which does it but can someone make an tutorial

  3. 만드는법 알려주셔서 정말 고마워요

  4. 그런데 링을 잡을때 말고 좋을때 어떻게 했는지도 아세요???

  5. I am a student in a robotics club and we are looking for a good design for our next robot. Do you have any tutorial on how to make this?

  6. can one of you guys help me with the claw that gets floor rings I had tried different types but not as good as this kid's

  7. Does anyone know how to make the front passive intake? BTW thanks for the awesome video really helped.

  8. he broke the rules, ur not allowed to stand next to the course

  9. Did you come to the asia pacifcs 2017 in roturoa new zealand

  10. I kits realized how they work it's so easy now

  11. It works by pulling 2 bars together with a small gear on the end and if you get it right the gear will keep the rings in and allow for it to grasp around the rings, to have the rings come off you need something to pull the bars apart

  12. i don laikit why that chinos eat mai dog ass

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