VEX IQ "Pitching In" Game Review (15294 and 46168) -

VEX IQ “Pitching In” Game Review (15294 and 46168)

Jake Simons
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Jake Simons and Adam Gray, coaches of the Woodview Eaglebots and PYRE in Indiana, break down and discuss the new VEX IQ game, “Pitching In.” They model what should take place in one of your first practices of the season when introducing the new game to your students.


  1. Super excited for this years game! Can wait to see what the new eaglebots will come up with. 🙂

  2. Job nicely done! We have sent this video link to all 839 students to watch. Thank you for spending the time to do such thorough analysis. Well, it's shorter than Worlds ceremonies, but those are more exciting. 😀

  3. Great overview. Thank you for showing off Fling. I don't have the supplies to build it until summer school starts. I'm still confused on the design of the launcher.

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