VEX IQ Next Level 127Z Batman - 52 points Skills score -

VEX IQ Next Level 127Z Batman – 52 points Skills score

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California State Championship – Middle School – La Verne
This is team Batman scoring 23 in autonomous and 29 in driving which placed them in the top spot in the world for middle schoolers. Have your volume turned on to hear their teammate’s comments and excitement at the finish of the autonomous run. It’s so nice to see the kids perform under pressure after practicing so hard.


  1. How do you unlock the wheel motors so you can push the robot during autonomous?

  2. In drivers, how were you able to keep hanging without the controller in your hand

  3. Wow your robot is so fast! What was your gear ratio?

  4. Congrats on your ticket to worlds! I will see you there! I just have one quick question do you have a chain linking both wheels?

  5. What type of wheels are you using?

  6. Nice. Looks like your 1st in the world for skills. 🙂

  7. Hope to see u at worlds look out for 2929A

  8. Hello guys see you on April in kentuky

  9. you guys r doing really well! Just one question…do you use an arcade control or a tank control?

  10. How did you guys make the program so consistent? Was it wait loops? Or was it just sheer luck. We're having issues with consistancy, our robot likes doing something different everytime. It would be highly appreciated.

  11. Just say Hi again from your champion alliance 99900J. Looking forward to seeing you guys next year at worlds.

  12. our team at worlds was in your division called 11552A Orange Justice

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