VEX IQ Full Volume Robot 91 Points -

VEX IQ Full Volume Robot 91 Points

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A third round with our first robot of the season, 91 points! All the green cubes (that start out of supply zone).

Now scoring all the green cubes, our robot Blockbuster improves from last time. The rubber band roller intake is efficient at picking up and scoring a lot of cubes at once.

This robot also only uses 5 motors, so comment down below with any suggestions with what we should use the last motor for.

We’ll continue to improve and release more videos with higher scores as we improve.

Comment below with any questions, and good luck in Full Volume!

Robot specs:
2m drive 2:3
2m arm 5:1
1m intake 4:5

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  1. What song is this? Its awesome❤❤❤

  2. Is this a four bar lift? Do you have any helpful links to help my team build this?

  3. Another question…are you using 2 motors for your lift and if so was there a purpose to this?

  4. What is the purpose of the bar at the front of the intake. Deciding on if it’s necessary.

  5. It looks very similar to SuperLinq… how did you manage to make the two gears that bring in the blocks be able to take in both purple and green blocks?

  6. this is so helpful, it helped me with driving.

  7. Hi, I loved the video can you please make a video on how to make the robot?

  8. Me and my team are trying to build it it’s very complicated

  9. Hi Joseph, I got 85 points for this video (not sure what I have missed)?This is what I got:1st goal – 5 points
    2nd goal – 9 points
    3rd goal – 3 points + 8 points 3 x uniform goals – 30 points
    3 reds off – 15 points
    Partial Park – 5 points
    Height bonus – 10 points

    Total = 85 pointsBTW, I like the design of this robot, it is less complicated to build.

  10. nice bot. one thing you can do is experiment with having the intake be able to move up and down using rubber bands to accommodate the purple cubes.

  11. nice videography! quality keeps getting better! 😁👍

  12. Bro just copied Ben lippers design😂

  13. Bro just stole ben lippers video that is ben lippers video you can see the exact same room and robot

  14. This robot is getting so much points thanks so much for the inspiration joseph i can not wait to see your next robot designs

  15. Please stop copying Ben lippers designs plz

  16. Joseph how come you use 24 tooth gear and not 32 tooth gear for drive train for faster robot?

  17. hello, i have a little problem with my robot on the coding part. when I programmed it to stop moving the arm when it reaches the point that it's perfect for scoring, it always moves down by itself because the head (intake) is heavy. Is there a way that I could just lock the arm in place when I want to like the video shown in programming or physically… I'm kindof having a headache right now. I built different robot with different designs, and this is the only robot that the intake doesn't get stuck so I think it's gonna be great for driving. Thank you is anyone can help me… !!!

  18. Ryan S. - ESXYZRGC えさじるじす says:

    what music is this?

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