VEX IQ Competition: Slapshot | 2022 - 2023 Game -

VEX IQ Competition: Slapshot | 2022 – 2023 Game

VEX Robotics
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VEX IQ Competition: Slapshot official game overview.

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  1. First. Tyler McCrary and J. Pearman are awesome

  2. This is the best challenge yet. It sucks that we aren't doing VEX IQ this year

  3. I’m so excited for this year! Good luck teams

  4. saw this live, the new field dropped down from the square television. there was even fireworks

  5. cant wait for teams to get inted so hard by their alliances messing up the pucks lmao

  6. This looks like the best game made so far. The design team really pulled together for this one after pitching in.

  7. This looks so hard… but its interesting… can't wait to see what your robots can do!

  8. So VRC plays frisbee golf while VIQC plays shuffleboard

  9. We came fourth in semi-finals and it was my first and sadly last year. I would love to play iq again

  10. This is the best VIQC game ever but hoping buy this kit and play 🙂

  11. This should be much better than Pitching In

  12. It's going to be interesting to see how teams go about shooting every single disc into the 4 point zone,


  14. Can't wait to compete, our team saw it live and it seems really interesting!

  15. sucks i won't get to be there im in high school

  16. looks great! cant wait to get back in and compete

  17. i got to see it live at the vex dome my team cam in 72nd i think anyway i'm really excited

  18. i bet you could use like a wheel attached to a motor to shoot the pucks in

  19. Wow adding an element of pseudo randomness is going to be interesting.
    My first thought is to attempt to score on a diagonal to maximize the total distance you have of scoring in a particular zone like they do with bowling. That or somehow optimize a bounce of a wall for scoring.

  20. I'm in VRC now but I was in IQ about 4 years ago. Happy to see a cool game, and good luck. I'll be building a spin up metabot.

  21. This looks awesome. My team made it to state this year, and sadly not to worlds. But we tried our best, and we're hopefully gonna make it this game!

  22. I wonder how teams are going to do autonomous this season, considering the randomness in discs falling from dispensers. Personally, I'm thinking a sort of GPS system that keeps track of the bot's movements and allows the bot to travel to each dispenser, the fence and expansion zones, then an extra set of sensors that are used to find discs and intake them. You could combine these 2 mechanisms, with the GPS system using all dispensers, then free moving to intake discs, then using the GPS system to move to the fence and launching all the discs.

  23. Hanzhen harmonic drive gear , robot joint , strain wave gear, over 30 years experience

  24. The music is so great. can you tell me its name?

  25. I just got out of IQ and this one looks kind of fun. Because its SIMPLE. Vex thank you so much for making it simple. I swear I hated last years game. The robot had to do 9 separate things. this is perfect for beginners.

  26. Idk but it looks a little easier than last year but it's probably not

  27. My school doesn’t do anything special just against other schools in Hong Kong but for the last year we did pretty good. Super excited for this year!

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