VEX IQ Challenge Squared Away: 2019 - 2020 VIQC Game -

VEX IQ Challenge Squared Away: 2019 – 2020 VIQC Game

VEX Robotics
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Introducing the 2018-2019 VEX IQ Challenge, Squared Away!
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  1. Vex iq next level was amazing but vex iq squared away needs high level of competition its not easy as vex iq next level but I think me and my team are ready for this level of competition

  2. Stacking cubes seems a little unbalanced, you should make it 15 points.

  3. Finally, I have been waiting for this, looks better than the next level, and robots look fun to make who agrees hit like my dudes
    Comment if you have heard of the thunder chickens, bobby wasabi, or the incredible goats

  4. whats the highest score you can yet?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. It is the first time my school participates in an international competition. I hope that everything will go fine.

  6. Yay! I might get chosen to be in the robotics team to compete for the city/school, state, and the national competition! I am very excited for this!
    Edit: I got chosen for the robotics team! We are designing robots and practicing driving robots! I love this!

  7. Ima make a crane robot to pick up the cubes

  8. I have a subject named R O B O T I C S who also has? Like If u do

  9. Like if your Elementary School is in this game

  10. I did robotics in second and I dont know if I will be in it today

  11. such a nice game if someone knows amazing adam say to him play on hudgames

  12. Femme-gineers 2.0, Museum of Discovery, Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.
    Worlds, here we come!

  13. Im actually in robotics right now in 2019 at my school I’m building the robot called clawbot it has been a rocky start I started in September I think? Please wish me luck because the competition is on November 23 I think. It’s super close! Today for me it’s October 24 and our team is only on step 42! We have 115 steps! And I’m on fall break right now! Please wish us luck!😁🤪

    Edit: were not doing the challenge 🙁

  14. Hey by the way worlds is so fun and so tiring! I really loved going! Keep working hard!

  15. I'm in robotics and i finished my first game i was in 11 place!

  16. I hope we win sometime this year, or sometime next semester next year.

  17. Hello, my class is wondering what music is in the background. Could you give us the source? Thanks! ~Ms. V

  18. bro I wan getting scared this was gonna be hard. this is gonna be fun. see yall Saturday if your going

  19. I'm in robotics and I went to state then I'm gonna go to WORLDS!, I won the teamwork champion 5

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