VEX IQ Challenge Rise Above: 2020 - 2021 Game -

VEX IQ Challenge Rise Above: 2020 – 2021 Game

VEX Robotics
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Introducing the 2020-2021 VEX IQ Challenge, Rise Above!

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  2. Me and my team are ready for state this year after the c virus

  3. I’m going for number 1 in skills for South Carolina I got 2nd last year

  4. It will be interesting to see how big the robots will be at worlds.

  5. Made it to worlds for the second time in a row this year but sadly couldn’t go. Can’t wait to see all the designs for this year. Cya at worlds. P.s 87216S

  6. What about COVID? Are we still gonna have competitions? This is my last year of Vex IQ and if we dont have it that would suck

  7. This looks really cool
    This seems more fun than the 2019-2020 game

  8. Dang those stupid tables are so annoying
    In last year’s competition when some places had tables for the boards it always messed up automated and made it way harder to drive


  10. Who is going to be applying for their schools team this year?

  11. Vex IQ Robotics: Exists
    Coronavirus: foolish mortals

  12. me:hold up how can you even stack three of those in a stack!

  13. Can you attach 2 of last years fields together or do you need a brand new field?

  14. Can u go out of dimensions on width length and height after the start tell me if I’m wrong

  15. Cant wait for this! I already have the models of the risers! Also i have vex iq parts

  16. Now we might have to get a different field or somehow make this work with our current field. Great.

  17. ROCK-IT-BOTS Team 1116X ! Good luck guys!! Hope to see u at worlds! 🤪

  18. Oh I miss being a middle school and VEX IQ last year's competition was hard

  19. Me about to make a 3 feet long arm then realizing it’s too tall:

  20. Alright, I’m terrified… but the best thing is that the internationals are gonna be in Dallas

  21. I’ve had 2 practices so far this year. My team is only during the school year, but we are a top team. We got the design award at Indiana state, almost at world’s too. The best team we’ve had ended up with the number one spot in the world competition. Idk how tho.

  22. legend has it that if oyu're team is good enough

    the diagonal scoring method is the most efficient

  23. I think the best way to win this is making a forklift

  24. yoooooo this was so hard it was fun but hard i loved it

  25. This is so unorganized and boring competition that is so unfair

  26. It is VRC but different elements why was vex so lazy

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