VEX IQ Challenge Pitching In : 2021-2022 Game -

VEX IQ Challenge Pitching In : 2021-2022 Game

VEX Robotics
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Introducing the 2021-2022 VEX IQ Challenge… Pitching In!

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  1. the beams on the bottom of the goal are x3. this is amazing.

  2. Looks exciting. Can't wait to start the new season. Good luck everyone!

  3. :/ cool game but seems difficult for programmers to do much.

  4. Sorry vex but I think your herobot instructions are messed up a bunch peices missing after it tells you to put them there and sizes of peices that don’t exist and peices in the wrong spots but I geussing you’ve already been messaged about it

  5. Fun change of pace for VEXiq. The animation also does a great job explaining skills and teamwork challenges

  6. You all better follow cheese gang to the end

  7. This game looks hard. Good thing I'm doing vrc this year.

  8. Looks like this game is gonna get maxed out super fast imo

  9. i’m starting vex this year! i’m excited but also really nervous


  11. is there a cash prize ? but looks super fun I'm joining this year

  12. Well I am in 5th grade and I signed up for it and there was 100 people and only 12 people are getting picked I've done filled out my form. Update: I GOT INN!!!!

  13. does anybody have something i can copy off of bc i needed to hit 3 goles and i blow the hole class off

  14. Wowwww, our team is doing the fling bot right now and the field is set. Hope to cyu and your team there

    Also, everyone in VEX IQ teams, you all also getting frustrated with that one teammate that never does anything?

  15. Hope to cyu in the world tournament! (Team 3663C from North Carolina)

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