Vex IQ 2019 World Championship Finals - 127Z Batman -

Vex IQ 2019 World Championship Finals – 127Z Batman

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We can’t begin to explain what an incredible experience we had at the 2019 Vex IQ World Championships. It was two days where almost everything went perfectly, we had some good breaks and we were paired with a great team in the finals. A very special thanks to Dr. X Academy – 99900J.

We had gone the entire season with our highest score in competition being a 38, never having a 40. We came out of our 10 qualifying matches with an average of 38.625 which included five 40s! We couldn’t believe it!

The most nerve-racking match of the entire week for us was the division final. We didn’t want to get that far and not make it to Freedom Hall! Our driving wasn’t perfect in that match but we kept our cool and finished our part with plenty of time. The 41 put us into the finals.

In the finals we fully expected it would take a 41 to have a chance at a championship. We practiced it over and over with Dr. X and felt pretty confident we could do it. We were so relieved once we knew it was only going to take a 40 to win.

If you watch the video notice how we got bumped slightly as we were placing the last hub. That hub was so precariously placed the judges were studying it afterwards, trying to figure out how it actually stayed in place. It was the final piece of good luck to finish our season.

We give God all the glory for what we accomplished this year. It’s an experience we will never forget.


  1. My team sucks at this, but we are the best in the class. So we are going to state lol.

  2. you guys did great but this is a little late to say it bc it is 2022 now and i do robotics to and we are gouing to state soon and this is from midaland trail elameentry in the WV.

  3. Front claw design really made a big difference. Great robot.

  4. I was in the elementary division in worlds and chandra division and it was my team first year doing vex iq and went to worlds and it was an experienced year my team had and I was hoping you in worlds to win and my robotics coach was showing vids for fun because mostly of my school teams went to state and I live in alabama and she showed one of your vids of your autonomous

  5. Im watching this because im participating a VEX IQ tournament

  6. Congrats guys! Say hi to Noah for us!
    Alliance partners 45864Z Asteria
    Teamwork score: 40 points

  7. Are you guys a school, club, or home team

  8. I was there in the stands it was amazing and so intense ❤❤❤❤❤I love vex iq

  9. i am in 2020 and like "all they need is a 40"is such a meme now

  10. Im going to state this year any recommendations

  11. WOW nice, (BTW I'm Skinz_Mehael_Bang from instagram)

  12. see u in the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship – VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Division

  13. Batman is good at squared away I know for sure you'll make it to the world with ur creativity I hope my team makes it and we met before in two competitions batman is like the best team ever

  14. I know I'm late, but it was great playing with you guys at worlds!
    Team: 97300J
    Teamwork Score: 40

  15. The amount of times i was at school and one was almost over i would just here"Go FoR ThE HiGh HaNg

  16. It's the year 2021. Caution Tape is missing batman with the black and yellow theme. 😀 See you guys next year in dallas.

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