Vex Guide for Dummies by Mobalytics -

Vex Guide for Dummies by Mobalytics

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Today we’re taking a look at the latest champion to hit the summoner’s rift: Vex.

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Timestamps –
00:00 Intro
00:25 Champion Overview
01:30 Vex’s Abilities
03:37 Combo’s
06:02 Runes & Skill Order
06:34 Itemization
08:04 Power Spikes
08:45 Lane Phase
10:15 Teamfights
11:39 Matchups & Synergies
12:53 Playing against Vex
13:42 TL;DR


  1. Great title, I spent 1 hour trying to learn a champion.

  2. Starting E level 1 is both more damage with gloom proc and easier to hit than Q

  3. Great video! I haven't played her yet, but will now. Thanks! Edit: The TLDR part of the video is very noice

  4. aaaand another stupidly broken champ on release, keep it up riot

  5. 4:45 I personally think it's better to E first then Q because a procs gloom. Also the size of E increases the further it is placed

  6. Her AA against mart (gloomed) targets counts as a i cant be block by Windwall

  7. first guide ive seen that actually goes over combos and not just saying her abilities, no clickbaity title either, sub from me.

  8. "Vex's ult is like a snowball from ARAM"
    Poro King: Am I a joke to you?

  9. thank you so much!! im trying to learn vex for mid with my league group and this is super helpful :3!!!

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