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  1. we did it guys, we beat league of legends
    it's over at last

  2. i really hate this champ so much pls delet riot

  3. whatever , this is such a boring video or what ever , its not like i like it or anything …


  4. We never got a League of Legends gaming after all this time.

  5. This champion makes me want to blow up a pre school

  6. omg redpilled normies yknow the real shit is black pill haha lol XD

  7. The Spectacularly Monochrome Nowhere Man says:

    I feel backstabbed…

  8. never replace V with S in Vex, literally worst day of my life

  9. Boa, Aphelios! Abraço da zona norte de São Paulo. 😎🤙🏿🇧🇷🦎

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