Vex Gaming - BO2 Teamtage 1 - Get Vexed -

Vex Gaming – BO2 Teamtage 1 – Get Vexed

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VexGaming bring you their first Black Ops 2 Teamtage. Be sure to like, subscribe and favourite. Leave a comment below because we would be interested to hear some constructive criticism and how to improve.

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  1. i've been looking for another clan. i left centrix because their all huge dicks so. r their anyways to try out if thats possible?

  2. Yea seriously u sent me a msg asking if id join and i dont think id join a clan that uploads set up 360's and hardscoped split triples…

  3. Noon no no split triples and 360 trickshots this will get nothing but hate honestly this isnt even worthy to be called leftlovers

  4. YO wad up Its VeX Clan add me on xbox VeX Dreams

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