Vex Gameplay | Build | Wild Rift -

Vex Gameplay | Build | Wild Rift

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Vex Gameplay | Build | Wild Rift

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  1. She will be so annoying in midlane if her opponent is melee, cause of that poke omg🥹🥹

  2. Mid lane is going to be very interesting when she comes out.

  3. Yes, i cant wait to play support vex ☠️

  4. Literally my ping when i play wr data user be like 😐 but still got to eme1

  5. Lux : wtf are you?!!
    Vex : I'm you but emo version 👀😈

  6. Woah it's already out, i wanna try Vex she looks amazing 😍

  7. Fimally pure mage, with fear induced skill, now we talkin

  8. She's out? My server does not have her yet.

  9. what an impeccable play, you make it look so ez haha

  10. Damm dude your already the master with any new character

  11. Its not officially or u have early access? I played in SEA and theres no vex

  12. do you know if the vex witch skin will have a border and emote

  13. I wish there was a video showing what the shadow would look like in low resolution.

  14. Why is vex still not in my wild rift?,Im alr done updating yet 😭

  15. AI戦で敵jgにワード置きに行ってんの申し訳無いけど笑ってまう

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