Vex Gameplay AND Ability Reveal!! The MOST RIDICULOUS Ultimate YET! -

Vex Gameplay AND Ability Reveal!! The MOST RIDICULOUS Ultimate YET!

Professor Akali
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AP One-Shot Assassin Vex Gameplay is HERE!!

Vex Gameplay AND Ability Reveal!! CRAZIEST ULTIMATE YET! The Newest League of Legends Champion!

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  1. i still dont understand her passive help im dumb

  2. Looks like the most balanced champ they released this year or since last year or the year before that

  3. Lmao 😂 COVID be like personal space😅😂 everyone depressed in this pandemic gj rito with the champion design


  5. Is the new ship gonna be aphelios and vex since they are both emo?

  6. ngl i think shes kinda balanced only thing that u need to learn how to play vs her and if u dont know how to do that then u maybe will think she is op but im my opi i think shes kinda balanced

  7. I really like her kit, think i might main her

  8. can she mark the mist walkers if they jump or that mark is champions only?

  9. My days yelling "No running in the hallways" to my students are finally behind me

  10. So a mage Nocturne with an ultimate reset and aoe fear

  11. 1. this is the first time I like Riot's new champion
    2. how did P.A get to Riot partner program

  12. jarvan mains mad about that w…

    i am jarvan mains

  13. i think she is balanced and my new mane xd 🙂

  14. I think vex using everfrost for mythic will be insane. Fear guarantees the snare

  15. Whoever designed her, well done. Simple to understand, but enough for good gameplay. Not overloaded either.

  16. Thank you for stopping being so obnoxious.

  17. I don't want to say anything but because of her ult she should be tanky mage because she needs to be in middle of team fight to activate her personal space of course you can just poke Q and E and later ult then W but it really doesn't use her full power

  18. 1k subscribers in 24hourss!!! Can we do it!!!!?

  19. Vex is the first good League of Legends champion

  20. Lmao it wouldn't be a cheap and click-baity LoL youtuber without saying how overpowered the new champ is

  21. I feel like this is gonna be one of those “syndrome” champions where you either go 0/10 or 10/0 simply cause of her R

  22. League Of Legends Account NA Multiple Skins LV.30+ | eBay if you'd like :/

  23. Vex will be a counterpick for champ with many dash like akali i think. Not OP, but can completely destroy ennemies if she can counter them.

  24. it literally looks like it plays almost exactly like lissandra but with longer range and slightly more utility with vision

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