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Vex – Game Walkthrough (full)

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Vex is a fun and challenging platform based browser game where you need to take control of a character named Vex and guide him though the levels until he reaches the exit. You can run, jump, slide, wall climb, swim and many more. The game features a lot of life threatening obstacles for you to survive, there are spikes all over the floors, walls and even ceilings, moving platforms that will certainly crush your character if you get caught in the middle, projectiles that will kill Vex instantly, rotating fans that will grin Vex to pieces and so much more. Not to worry too much though as there are a lot of checkpoints scattered all over the levels, if you die…and you will die a lot…you will return to the last checkpoint you passed and not at the very beginning of the level. Besides the checkpoints, there are also a lot of in game objects that you can use, there are jump pads that will give you a higher jump, elevators that moves up and down, and platforms that move left and right. Indeed, it’s going to be fun traversing the levels, and if your groove is cool enough, you just might make it through the game in one piece. Are you up for a little platform based survival adventure game?, Check it out and have some fun.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s visual presentations are very simple…kinda basic even, from the main character of the game to the different levels that you will be traversing, everything looks really simple, the character is stickman based by the way, you’ll be controlling a tiny little fellow that looks like a tiny silhouette, the environments too are very simple, everything that you’ll see in the game are made of platforms, triangular spikes and moving blocks, details aren’t very high too, everything seems to have been toned down graphically. The game’s colors look nice, they are generally sharp and vivid giving the game a nice clean look, and although there’s really not that much variety when it comes to color, it still managed to look pretty enough. Animations and movements are very nice, the character is very responsive to the controls and the animated parts all look smooth and fluid throughout the game. Music is fun and upbeat, and certainly contributes to the fun factor while sound effects are pretty simple. SFX is simple too, nothing really much to talk about in this department. Overall, even with its simple graphic presentations and designs, it still looked quite pretty and nice.


As mentioned earlier, Vex is a platform based survival game, your task is to control the character and get him to the exit, there are a lot of obstacles for you to survive and a lot of checkpoints that you got to pass before reaching the exit though, and it will take precision jumping and sliding on your part to get to the exit, good thing the character can wall climb and swim besides jumping, running and sliding, otherwise it could have been very difficult to reach the checkpoints and survive a level. Controls are very easy and responsive, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move the character around.


Vex has some simple graphics, there are a lot of obstacles in the game, lots of levels for you to survive and it has simple controls for you to use.


Very nice and fun game overall, the character’s movements are very fluid too, but it is not really that easy as dying seems to be a part of the experience. Try it.

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  1. I beat Act 8🎉🎉🎉🎉😮😮😮

  2. i, am a pro on this game i make all perfect my hour that was 7:50 am i haved 7 years. the day is 5/12/2018.

  3. I love this game it is so fun and tricky!

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