Vex Game Walkthrough (All Levels) -

Vex Game Walkthrough (All Levels)

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Vex Game help your stickman to complete all the level on time and get gold medal, there are traps and spikes which can kill you so be aware of that, dont get kill play these awesome game have fun.


  1. It all started here and it over it, vex 5, vex 6, vex 7 so ugly

  2. i remember when i use to play this game

  3. Я играл толка vex5и6

  4. Rest in peace flash…we will never forget about you…

  5. I love this game so much… I miss playing it in like 2013 i think?

  6. Vex 1 was ultra hard from Act 1, when the other Vexes are pretty easy on first three acts

  7. I will beat all of the vex’s still around. Sadly not this one

  8. There's a trick to skip like 20 seconds on act 1

  9. And also I used to always get stuck at act 2 because I suck =/

  10. The stage builder in this game is SUPERIOR. Even though you can only save 4 stages, you can build infinite items!

    People just make lag machines lol

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