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“Vex Game of Cones” Game Design Challenge 2013-2014 | Team Vex For Vendetta

Vex For Vendetta
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Voici notre vidéo, éditée avec SolidWorks 2013 dans le cadre du Game Design Challenge (Online Challenge) 2013-2014.
Celle-ci présente un jeu de notre création : le Game of Cones !
Le but du jeu est simple. Pour marquer des points, il vous suffit de placer des bâtons au centre des cônes ou de placer des objets sur le “foam goal”.

► REGLES (Rules)
The Game of Cones is played on a 12’x12′ field covered with foam tiles.
At the beginning of the match, robots must fit in a 18″ inch cube. They may extend during the match.

Each match lasts 120 seconds, and begins with a 15 seconds autonomous period. At the end of the autonomous period, the team with the highest score is rewarded with 10 bonus points.

For the first time in Vex Competition history, teams will be playing with cones.The 30 are 8 inches high with a square base which’s edges are 8 inches long. The other game object is the stick. It is a 12 inches long rod with a 0.5 inch diameter. There are 4 red sticks, 4 blue sticks, 2 dark sticks and 2 white sticks.

Scoring : Lets consider, you are Alliance X, which can be blue or red. The opponent Alliance is Y, which is blue if X is red, and red if X is blue.
– A cone with a X stick stuck in on the field or on Y’s foam goal gives 2 points for the X Alliance A cone on X’s foam goal is 2 points for the X Alliance.
– A cone with X’s stick stuck in on X’s foam goal gives 4 points to the X Alliance.
– A cone with a dark stick stuck in is worth nothing.
– A cone with a bright stick stuck in is worth nothing on the field, and 8 points for the X Alliance if it’s on X’s Alliance foam goal.
– A stick is worth 0 points except if it’s on X’s foam goal and NOT stuck into a cone, in which case it gives 2 points to the X Alliance.
– A cone with X’s spike goal stuck in is worth 10 points for the X Alliance.

As seen in the video, robots may use game objects to interact with game objects. But the may not use them to fight the other robots. Suspension to the hich cones bars is forbidden.

“Song of Fire & Ice Remix”

(Tous droits réservés aux possesseurs de ce titre.)


Pilote : Denis
Concepteurs : William – Mathieu
Techniciens : Aline – Juliette – Léo


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