Vex fight! | Cozy Gaming Couple Plays Sackboy A Big Adventure | Let's Play Co-op - Part 5 -

Vex fight! | Cozy Gaming Couple Plays Sackboy A Big Adventure | Let’s Play Co-op – Part 5

Gotter And Gottim
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Welcome to Gotter and Gottim! We’re a cozy gaming couple starting a new couch co-op game on the PS5. Today we’re playing Sackboy A Big Adventure for our first time! This is a very cute, wholesome, cozy ps5 game and after seeing it had local multiplayer we knew we had to try it!

In this episode, we complete the level Blowing Off Steam before going to level Having A Blast where we fight Vex for our first time! We then journey over to The Kingdom of Crablantis to complete levels Seesaws On The Sea Floor and The Graveyard Shift! Next episode, we will see an entire NEW area!

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ABOUT SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE: PlayStation® icon Sackboy bursts into action on PC in a huge 3D multiplayer platforming adventure. An epic journey stuffed with platforming challenges. Deeply immersive controls. Collaborative, chaotic and joyful multiplayer fun.

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  1. We had so much fun in this episode and we hope you enjoyed it with us! Thank you so much for your support!

  2. Lmao, this is funny and really hyped up. That level does remind me of Krusty Krab. Chris, I am sorry to hear to see what Captain Liz did to you lol, I certainly know how you feel from that pain, dude, cuz it happened to me from a different game lmao Good job getting Liz to try that part at the end hehehe Captain Crab a.k.a. Liz, I am watching you for nearly saying that word (not gonna spoil it), and that pain you inflicted to Chris wow haha lmao (just teasing ya). Liz, good job at the end though, that was satisfying to watch and proud of you lol Those bobas are called 'Dreamer Orb' btw GGs both of you and cant wait to see next one.

  3. This episode was so hectic and hilarious lol.
    Love the competitiveness lol 😆
    Aye aye Captain! 🦀 ❤

  4. This episode definitely lived up to the hype from last week haha! Chris stay away from Liz man….This co-op turned to VS real quick 😂. Another fun episode guys! Captain's quarters looked so awesome! I failed guys and didnt catch Liz's magic word 🙁 still i cant wait for next weeks episode hype again! Haha

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