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NEW Vex.exe – Montage | Meme | New League of Legends Champ Vex played on the PBE Server

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Kyouran Hey Kids!! Eurobeat Remix


Malecon by Soyb & Amine Maxwell
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Are you chilling smite or challenging smite?
No, but if you clear the jungle long enough, you can choose between them.


  1. I love seeing you using some dead memes

  2. Qiyana :Where you at boy?
    1 second after walking near the bush
    D i e s

  3. 1:10 why the fk is the lvl 4 Varus attacking a lvl 6 midlane is he out of his mind

  4. dude I was not expecting to hear Hey kids by the Oral Cigarettes…. NICE

  5. God montage but i give u – because bot games
    It so nubish

  6. This as mid,
    Nocturne as jungle
    Urgot as adc
    Shaco as support and ww as top

    Would be a terrifying team.

  7. Vex is gonna be that one chempion thats gonn be perma banned for all of times

  8. You got fresh memes in it. I approve. You got my vote.

  9. do i see a single target fear? in the likes of what fiddle used to have/

  10. when i was young i thought these were fun lolll

  11. この曲なに?

  12. yet another yordle loli to be lewded….
    i cant wait for it…..

  13. Just 4 more days until I can say I have a new main that clearly represents my ideals and interests

  14. another smite making great .exe content! also good choice using turbo for music

  15. 这个皮肤我觉得真的好可爱,黑暗系的那种😍

  16. music cool music cool music cool music cool music cool music cool music cool music cool

  17. There is now a guy called Vex. Imagine the burning fingers of that guy after he renamed himself.

  18. this would actualy be funny if the enemies werent bots

  19. I approve of the oral cigarettes song Choice

  20. I do really hope she's really good hell I wouldn't mind if she's overpowered cause of the fact she's designed to counter high mobility so if she's really good then it can encourage players to try new comps like high health, cc, etc. High mobility has been the go to since forever which gets very repetitive, vex seems to be a sign that teams will finally have more variety in what they focus on.

  21. Mano eu queria amolar o fio da pirok na Vex

  22. How could you pass the opportunity of calling this video v.exe ?????????????????????

  23. To set this clear: Her Passive doesnt just cancel spells. U periodically get a free Fear on one of ur abilities. I think plenty of people got this wrong 👍

  24. I saw vex exe before but this one looks better 👀

  25. you couldve saved time by typing in "Vexe"

  26. chilling smite -> challageing smite -> smite
    who is next XD

  27. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  28. Which version of the Noragami op is this?

  29. heyy what audio editing software do you use for this video?

  30. Quem traduzir me deve um like 😉

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