VEX Classroom Competition - Swept Away -

VEX Classroom Competition – Swept Away

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“Swept Away” is the game designed for the VEX Robotics Classroom Competition. For more information, visit .


  1. I’m really good at understanding robot competition

  2. is this for next year? or is this another version of clean sweep for classrooms? maybe? or was this for fun?

  3. @lilaznoreo3 Swept Away is an official TSA as well as a classroom based challenge based on Clean Sweep.

  4. sweet im ahead of all the robot classes in the school cuz i finished my programming early and he told me to read a thing on this.. i under stood some of it but this makes it so much easier! and it gave me an idea for stragity! i need something that can get footballs over :3

  5. im thinking about a claw like thing xD but im not sure i always sucked at the claw games in store just to pick up a stuffed animal D:

  6. Im going to a competition for this on my school team tomorrow!!!

  7. The football gives you more points but there is more soccer balls but they give you more points.

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