Vex Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends -

Vex Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

League of Legends
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Show them the meaning of misery… or whatever.

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  1. I really wanna play league again and turn off shadow Soo badly

  2. This character is the EMBODIMENT of edgy teenagers from 2012-2014

  3. i like therolling stones refrence in her passive

  4. 1:10

    Was that a Paramore reference?
    Ok, so apparently it wasn't just Paramore that got referenced there. Nice

  5. " i'm an little man. also evil, also in to cats"

  6. Way too many cliches at the beginning for me to take this seriously enough to finish the video. Sorry, Riot.

  7. the introverted guys will like this champ hhahahahhahahha

  8. She looks like someone who goes to Otis college of art and design

  9. The late 2000s music references though

  10. Because tonight will be the night the I fall for you over again dont make me change my mind.

  11. I love what they did on her shadow. Adds definition on her character :))

  12. Perfectly represents the LoL playerbase

  13. So she is inspired by….a depressed person? What a nice inspiration.
    Representation right?!

  14. "Death is the true meaning of life. Woah! That's deep…"

    You sure she's an emo, instead of just a stoner? Lmao.

  15. Ah every time I see abominations like Zeri I come back here for comfort seeing that riot can sometimes still do something right. <3

  16. whos here because you seen her coming to wildrift?

  17. Over powered, why don't they erase this freak?

  18. Ill use this as a support when he comes on wildrift

  19. hlly hel why do you keep thist shti parog?
    even vex utl lol varsu utls harder but you ton['d taltk about that

  20. getting new more views because of wildrift ✨

  21. Come on riot. Just rework amumu

  22. Her ultimate is litterally a better version of Ezreal's, Jinx's, Lux's and Caitlyn's all together. It's so sad she can one shot someone to then recast her ultimate again to repeat the cycle again. She fears with every ability and they all do stupid damage for a poke/stun.

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